UNFAIR! (will repost until i find justice!)

I am here to complain about a bug that i have faced it was ‘your rendering device has been lost’ it has made me crash several times and made me banned from competitive forever and i think its unfair because i am never been toxic,Aggressive to people or throwing games and i think its unfair that i got banned forever since i worked hard to buy this game and this is how i am treated Please Re post and share so the devs can unban me i really like your games and i really think its unfair :C (PS im pretty much crying myself to sleep while righting this)And when i contacted support they said they couldnt do anything(reply if you know any ways to conntact devs or get them to see this post)

Rendering Device Lost errors are a problem with a player’s graphics card crashing. Its frustrating, but players have to stop playing Competitive entirely and work to fix the problem. Sorry, but if you have been season or permanent banned, this is a matter of repeatedly and negligently reentering competitive.

As it has been stated by Community Manager Josh Engen, no season ban or permanent ban will be appealed.

Additionally, neither seasonal bans nor permanent Competitive Play bans will decay or reset over time; once an account is permanently banned, it currently cannot return to good standing.


Long time ago, i had the same issue: your rendering device has been lost, producing a CTD. Sometimes, i literally could not play. Do you know how i fixed it? Just updating W10 back in the day, which i capped due to fear of the Anniversary Update from breaking something of my OS. Problem totally solved, not even once of those crash messages appear again.
Another thing to solve that is to update the graphic card drivers to the latest version.

Anyway, its your fault to play ranked using an unstable system/not supported grahpic card, not Blizzard. And you even got suspended indefinitely, which means you actualy dropped a lot of matches in at least 2-3 seasons. Face the consequences of disrupting others matches knowing that your system is not ok.


My rendering device stops working when I play on volskaya,numbani and oasis,Also the latest maps have also made my game crash.I never left midgame,only when the game started,thus the game would never start in comp. I was way too addicted to competitive to stop playing. Why, this is ruining my experience. This isn’t my fault, can I please get unbanned, i love competitive way too much to stop playing it. Please, I beg you.

See WyomingMyst’s post above. It tells you everything you need to know.

Yes, I already read it, and I deeply regret what I did now, but I really love competitive and really want to play it.Please.

This is the wrong place to go to for sympathy over playing COMPETITIVE with a cruddy system or internet. Have you tried talking to your parents about it?

Either your gpu is outdated meaning it cant handle overwatch graphics OR
You gpu temperature is extremely hot causing gpu to overheat (it can be because you overclocked too much) or your pc case has no ventilation

I dont want sympathy, I want to get unbanned from comp.

I know its near to impossible, but my parents wont allow me to get any of the things needed

And for THAT you need sympathy, however, almost no one wants you back in comp after you’ve consistently ruined games for many many people. Fix your system and buy a new account or move on to another game, preferably one your system can handle without affecting other people’s experience.

I havent ruined anyone’s experience, I’ve only left on the map loading screen

This is untrue. This is a problem with the game. I had this problem for months only in Overwatch. My temps were normal, my GPU was getting plenty of power. Everything they say about this error is wrong.

There are two solutions I’ve found.

  1. Downclock your GPU by at least 50 MHz using software such as MSI Afterburner

  2. Locate Overwatch.exe, right-click and hit properties, locate the ‘compatibility’ tab, and check ‘Disable fullscreen optimizations’. Apply and close the window. This should do it.

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You’ve still wasted the time of 11 other people on multiple occasions. Despite how you’re trying to frame the issue, people typically don’t enjoy sitting in queue for minutes at a time, just to sit around in game for an additional minute, get kicked out, and restart the waiting process all over again.

You’ve been a nuisance and you got punished for it. Your ban will not be overturned.


It’s typically a driver issue, not the game.

It doesn’t show disable fullscreen optimizations

It’s a problem with the game. This problem has persisted across countless driver releases. The only two things that fixed it were what I posted above. Drivers were the first thing I thought of too, so I tried reverting, upgrading, clean install, etc to no avail.

Additionally, as I said this only happens in Overwatch. No other game has this issue. There is something they’re doing wrong that they won’t address.

Have you an ATI card ? I had the same problem in October. I was force to downgrade the ati driver to a compatible version between OW and ATI driver.

You have a post on the old forum on this one.

If you have an Nvidia forget my post :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure lol. I overclocked my gpu by like 200 mhz and no errors. With my previous gpu which was also overclocked around 100 mhz and had insanely high temps like 90C (on all max) didnt shut down.

It being isolated to one game doesn’t actually mean it’s automatically the game’s fault. Nitpick aside, what GPU are you running?

I’m running Intel core i3