Unexpected server error

A couple of my team including me disconnected during a comp game and can’t get back in due to an unexpected server error.

Do i lose SR for this? not my fault by the looks of it happening to quite a few people right now

Blizzard is currently aware of this and is investigating

Unfortunately you most likely will to be punished

from what we can tell this appears to be a network provider issue which is not Blizzard’s fault but nor is it your fault, however this will still likely result in a penalty per the rules of competitive play. Remember to avoid competitive until the issues have ended and then you should be able to keep playing games and regain your SR because it will have to realign to your hidden MMR.

According to Bill it was a hardware fault on Blizzard’s end - can I have my SR back please?

Unfortunately still no. Remember SR is not a currency. If you keep playing games your SR and hidden MMR will get back in alignment.