Unexpected server error occurred

Yup, I got kicked out too

Same, just got kicked out, can’t get back in

just got kicked out of a comp game I was winning If I lose 50 sr now blizzard ownes me some lootboxes

i hope we don’t lose the sr same thing for me

goes back to playing skyrim instead

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This is so sad Alexa play Despacito.

Yes, now i got 7k players ahead of me. It disconnected me during a comp match.They better not give me a penalty for their bad servers.

Yeah man, seems like its happening everywhere. Thought it was a really weird comp match until I got booted too lol. Time to play Fortnite and work up my battle pass I guess. lol

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Blizzard wont say anything and pretend it didn’t happen like always…sry

Hang on everyone, I am checking with Blizzard Tech Support right now. I do believe there is a mass issue in progress.

Please avoid Competitive Play for now. Penalties cannot be reversed. Details here:

Hang tight!

well if I get a loss due to their servers then I will have spent my last bit of money ever on this game. so tired of getting shafted due to their servers.

Yeah, just lost endorsement level because of everyone getting kicked as well.

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That will happen too. Don’t worry you can earn it back.

I downloaded the update and tried to log in but it said log in to server failed. Tried again and now there is a queue of 800 players ahead of me. Hopefully it doesn’t fail again. Fingers crossed

Edit: It failed again. TT-TT

2nd Edit: I am playing on PC btw.

This is reasons why I hate playing Comp at all. Damn thing wont even recognize my login info.

Same for me, was about to win a game with only like 45 seconds left, and I lost connection. Now showing unexpected error occurred message!

I know you’re just trying to be helpful, but that’s really not good enough.

As an aside, I was just robbed of a glorious POTG that I totally would have recorded, getting a full team kill with attack Symmetra on Horizon point A. Feels bad.

I was just now able to connect.

I can connect to the game now.

Same. It’s so annoying.