Understanding Syms Change and What it means

So the new changes to Syms beam are

  1. Beams are now DoT
  2. DoT no longer affected by armor as other weapons
  3. flat 20% armor reduction.

I am going to use the values of ( per second / per tick )

  • T1 - 65 / 3.25
  • T2 - 130 / 6.5
  • T3 - 195 / 9.75

So Current patch it is armor reduction of -3 per tick.
Beams are 20 ticks per second

So against armor it was

  • T1 - 32.5 / 1.625
  • T2 - 70 / 3.5
  • T3 - 135 / 6.75

New Damage values against armor are now.

  • T1 - 52 / 2.6
  • T2 - 108 / 5.4
  • T3 - 156 / 7.8

Except an actual developer said it deals less less dmg then it did. So something with your math is wrong.


You dont even have the correct values on your post.
Symmetra doesnt deal 195 dps on her max stage even.

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you have the tic on rate on syms weapon wrong, it’s either 7 to match her ammo consumption, or 4 because apparently someone messed about testing her damage against armor at one point and that’s what they came up with. either way it’s not 20. and the change is a nerf for her.

Her beam does 60/120/180

The changes is a buff, it is a flat 20% change. Please reread the ptr patch notes, their wording can often be confusing.

The numbers and specifics don’t really matter, what matters is her damage won’t be reduced by nearly 50% anymore instead it’s about 20%

It hasn’t been since Winter Wonderland


because Sym/Zarya have a lower tick rate on their weapons armor never reduced them by 50% so yes, the OP had the tick rate wrong, and it is indeed a nerf.

I took the values from the wiki.
Her actual values are not posted anywhere.

Shhhh dont trust the wiki
they confirmed themselves they posted these because “they thought” it may be a stealth change but it was never confirmed by any dev.

Oh… You guys should tell developers its only 180.


they literally posted this just now LOL how childish can you be

Yes but those were the original damage values, which means I was always correct from the beginning.

i mean they even said it themselves later, they dont understand who even put 60/120/180 in the notes back when the rework was first put on the ptr and then live

that means they got 2 patch notes wrong too at that :rofl:

The Devs were wrong though and they stated they had them listed wrong for 8 months.


Still doesn’t change the fact, I wasn’t wrong.

buff at low energy levels…nerf at high…neither is huge change…overall its w/e…people are blowing this up so much

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Good for you :upside_down_face:

You’re misunderstanding something extremely important.

Beams aren’t DoTs…

This is without taking in account that armor-beam interaction is a buff for symmetra sentries.

And there is incoming changes to PTR which included a Symmetra buff (20% ramp speed).

So, symmetra is buffed. Period.