Unbearable screen shake when shooting an enemy

Whenever I shoot, melee, kill or have any contact with an enemy my screen will jerk forward. Even when using an Ultimate the screen will Jerk forward when an enemy dies. It’s making me so nauseous.


I’m having the same thing, makes me feel so sick :frowning:


Was this an existing issue happening before today’s patch or does it seem to have started after today’s patch went live (09-MAY-2023)?

Have you tried setting the following options in-game via Options > Accessibility > General > Motion:

  • Camera Shake: Reduced
  • HUD Shake: Off
  • Reduce Menu Movement: On

Does that help?


Hi, this issue started immediately after the new patch. Was not present before. I restarted as prompted when the patch launched and came back to this issue.

My accessibility settings (motion) are exactly the same as yours. I have tried updating graphics drivers, repairing game files, experimented with various video settings and of course restarted the game, battle.net and my PC. None of this has helped at all unfortunately.


Yea this happened when I installed the new update on bot PC and Console.
And no it’s not the in game adjustable settings. They are always reduced and off.
It is literally a lunge effect whenever making physical contact with an enemy with ability’s or weapons.


That’s unfortunate :frowning: . I tried reproducing this in the Practice Range with several heroes and it seems to happen to me too (as best that I can discern). For reference, I am encountering this on the Microsoft Xbox Series X platform.

The “good news” is that we don’t appear to be alone:

Edit: Adding links to other topics regarding the same issue, for consolidated reference:


I’m not sure if this is a different issue or an internal miscommunication of what the bug we are talking about actually does, but I hope this is the bug they’re talking about because if not I will be very sad considering this was just updated yesterday.

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Screen Shake bug Overwatch 2 - YouTube
this is very annoying i thought the issue was on my end tried multiple troubleshooting steps - formatted my pc couple times,changed network cable changed thermal paste of cpu,gpu
still same.how are they unaware of their own game.this bug very disturbing

I think it’s fixed guys :slight_smile: Thanks to whoever fixed it! Not that they would see this but… Yeah, feels great

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