Unavailable due to skill rating?

So my friend and I were playing comp and both playing support to get our placement matches in. I always play mercy so I do so much healing and he plays brigette (idk how to spell her name) and sort of heals but mostly attacks. It then wouldn’t let us both play support due to difference in skill rating. Would that mean that he had the higher skill rating in support due or me because I heal so much

It means that there is a 1000sr difference between you guys. Just because it’s this seasons placemat doesn’t change that.

Your SR still exists during placements, it’s just hidden. It is based on where you ended last season. If you’ve never played competitive before, it is around 2350. See How Competitive Matchmaking and Rating Works (Season 21) for more details.

Every player in a match must be within 1000 SR of each other.

If it were a group of 6, the teammate with the highest SR must be no more than 1000 SR above the teammate with the lowest SR.

So if it’s just you and your one buddy, then one of you is significantly higher than the other for the roles you’re trying to play. Each of you should check your most recent SR with that role.

Maybe you could still play together if one of you has another role you can play where the SR for that role is within 1000 SR of your friend’s support SR.