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It dont even need to be something in game, they just could do something insted of throwing in some new random haracter to the story show his face, and thats it. I think they should focus on making more story on the existing in lore people and robots, and if throwing someone in… at least show anything about them like personality etc, not just “ah yes! this person EXIST in the universe!” what a writing style.

Still feel like Overwatch’s story isn’t as good as it could be. Four years for pieces that only make up the corners of the puzzle. While yes, technically, games like League of Legends took 3+ years to get to where they are now, they’ve done more with 100+ champions, and have connected most of them to current. I’d even argue that Fortnite (as much as I despise it) has a more active story. I guess to be fair, this is the only Blizzard game I’ve actively tracked the Lore of, I just hope Overwatch 2 lives up to its expectations. If not, then that’s a gamble where not even the House wins.

its actually weird how little story OW has for a blizzard game, their other IPs have a wide lore, especially warcraft.
maybe its intentional for two reasons:

  1. the story mode in OW2 is the place where we will actually learn all the lore
  2. overwatch is set in a rather “near future” so maybe they leave a lot of things open to leave space for our own imagination. it DOES make it easier to immerse yourself when you can actually come up with your own answers and solutions to questions. especially in a world that still deals with vaguely similar problems as we do today (racial segregation for example, just that they made it more complicated by making the oppressed race humanoid robots)

Exactly, imagine if Overwatch had something like League of Legends’ Universe: a globe of the world where you can see where each hero is currently, once you click on the hero there’s a short story detailing what is happening involving them. The world that the Overwatch team has given us is a vast one, and yet, it feels like its confined for some big reveal (and knowing Blizzard’s track record with big reveals, they’re often lackluster or anticlimactic, with some exceptions).

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A lot of people here claiming bad writing yet go on to say the world is vast and ask more questions like the information we have isn’t so compelling that the world building is excellent and we want to know more.

The comics, lore videos and other media have given us insight to characters, events and actions that have and are taking place all over the world. They haven’t info dumped which is great.

Those of you saying that it’s bad writing to give is unrequired information. It would be worse to not. Unrequired information gives us insight into who a character is, their likes dislikes hobbies. It makes them human and that is important when writing any character even the non human ones.

Soldier being gay is a great example of this. I actually held the belief entering this thread that soldier being gay was tokenism but after reading some of the excellently worded replies I completely understand how including it in this way is actually THE way companies should go about it. It is completely correct that noone would have batted an eyelid if Vincent was a woman. Even as a member of the LGBT myself I saw it in this way and I belief that could be due to how other companies handle tokenism.

Zenyatta has more lore than people make out. He’s a shambali monk, brother of mondatta and mentor or genji. This actually makes him rather important. It introduces us to the idea that omnics are intelligible and can think and have their own culture and belief systems much like humans. His relation to Mondatta explains why is a prominent figure and implies he stands for much similar values especially through his mentorship if Genji teaching him to accept both sides of his new body. Whole coming across as your average monk he actually has morals, beliefs and motives. Unlike wrecking ball. Wrecking ball just kinda be a mech battler. We know he likes bananas. And is intelligent but I don’t understand what this character wants and why whereas every other character I can understand that.

Most of us are asking for more context to certain things, like what exactly is The Iris, what caused the Omnic Crisis, who founded Talon, etc. We mainly want to know more about what we’ve been given in further detail. Similarly, League of Legends had the Noxian War against Ionia (and while we don’t need to see the actual battle, we do see how it effected the characters and even have some first-person views of the war).

Overall, we’re not saying its bad writing, we’re saying the writing feels simplistic (If that’s the right word). To summarize, we just want more clarification on already established plot lines.

I agree some plot lines need to be fleshed out.

  • The Iris perhaps needs to be either confirmed to be not what it seems or to be confirmed that it is in fact just a God and whether it exists or not is irrelevant.
  • Where Talon came from could be deemed irrelevant. It is one of the major players and we know their aims and goals, we’ve explores individuals of the group and we’ve seen the atrocities they commit in shorts. I’m not certain knowing the origin is important unless it turns out to be relevant to a specific character.
  • The omnic crisis definitely needs a cause. It’s the biggest event to happen in the lore and should therefore be fleshed out appropriately especially since its impact is widespread either directly to character’s like Dr Liao or indirectly to character’s like symmetra.

While we haven’t seen any of these 3 events I’d definitely say regarding Talon and the Omnic Crisis we have seen plenty of how they’ve affected the characters without knowing the events. Examples being Widowmaker’s brainwashing and Dr Mina Liao and Torbjorn’s guilt

My main concern is what caused the Crisis. From what we know, it wasn’t AI gaining sentience that caused it (Liao talks about how Omnics could “hear the music” which caused them to gain sentience, that was after the Crisis). So that leaves it being either a cyber attack, third-party interference, or Omnica doing something shady. If you look at the first reply, they said the cause is unknown, but I feel like there would have to be someone within the Overwatch world that knows about the truth behind it. Maybe it’ll be stated in OW2, but that expansion is more about Overwatch fighting Null Sector and Talon, so I don’t expect much info from that.

It could be a mystery as it’s something meant to be explored in detail. Like a murder mystery but a worldwide crisis of whodunnit. I personally thought it was an Omnic rights situation but I must’ve assumed wrong. This lore gets complicated as there’s no completely clear timeline. The truth of the Omnic crisis being the super important event it is could link to absolutely any story to I wouldn’t rule it out in OW2.