Unable to start Overwatch All of a sudden

Was playing earlier no restart or programs installed or uninstalled. just won’t start.
Overwatch starts up with black screen for 1 second then drops back to loader…

heres a link to my https://pastebin.com/VAu4Y3tb

Tried a Scan and repair but nothing seems broken…
Nothing new istalled and was running earlier today…

Any help would be appritiated

have you updated your nvidia drivers recently by any chance?

No i Only have AMD Products My gpu is a AMD Radeon RX560 4Gb

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alright, have a friend with similar issues after updating drivers so was just checking if that might have caused it for you. Hopefully you can get it sorted!

The Razer peripheral drivers are crashing (check all the error reports at the end of your paste). You can either roll them back to an older version, or try reinstalling them.

Please see this pinned thread for more info:

Make sure to reboot after uninstall/reinstall.

Thanks for the help.