Unable to search Forum posts for certain forum members

If I search for certain forum members who are current/active, the search function returns no matches

For example, if I search using “search – options – posted by”


who is a very active current forum member with daily or nearly daily posts, I get “no matches found”

if I go and get superballs full profile name


and do the same, still “no matches found”

if I use the main search and simply search for

@superball-11534 (which is what the “posted by” search should generate in the main search box)

I find his posts

so…whats going on with search for “posted by”?

It does seem like something that needs looking at

You sure they didn’t make their forum profile private? Could possibly influence the search.

I dont think that is a factor, given that you can still paste the full forummemberid in the search dialog and get the same results.

The problem is that the “posted by” function doesnt find the full forummemberid