Unable to log in? Come on blizzard

here goes my win got dc’d middle of the comp

And where was this information put up?


People online can finish that match, and then the game kicks them.

now the servers are under “maintenance” like mid freakign day unt he US are they crazy

technically they are addressing the queues in the 2nd downtime today at 6pm pdt to 9pm pdt (estimated)

according to the post atleast

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Yeah, I finally got in and the servers get shut down without warning. It says there’s maintenance now but a hour ago it didn’t say anything. Real smooth Blizzard.

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theres no point in telling people there’s maint / its being updated anymore. Just let them all freak out before using google

Well, at least I got in 3 matches after waiting in Q for ages.

Let’s see if the update helps.

Thats an L.

Just got into a comp game. Blizz should really make scheduled updates not penalize that maybe prevent players from matchmaking in comp half an hour before update.


Just got dc’d in the middle of a comp game too. I dont remember seeing the alert in the launcher earlier when I started. Did they just not give much notice, or maybe I just missed it?

Nope, wrong. Literally just got kicked out of a game mid-match

I would like to know why they are calling this a scheduled maintenance


Hah yeah… “scheduling” it a hour before it happens.


Looks like it’s maintenance time already. That’s a late day 1 patch lol

Blizzard has been floating for a while but ever since immortal they are garbage dumpsters. I really hope a better arpg comes up cause i know they will screw up diablo 4 one way or another.

When I logged in it didn’t say anything about maintenance it said something about how the servers are starting to become more stable.

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lol all I have in the launcher are ads, guess I need an ad blocker for blizz launcher.


I can’t even understand why there are still fanboys defending blizzard and saying every game does this. Without proper survey and appointment system to estimate how many users will play, and no preparation for cyberattack, this could lead to firing a whole bunch of people in many departments. I imagine if this happens in a Japanese company, their leadership probably has already apologized a million times. If they did try their best, then I can understand. But I honestly didn’t see their efforts on either advertisement or survey. They should behave more actively, reach out to players in advance, prepare for the best and hope they can get a lot of players. The lack of preparation is like they don’t even expect many players and show they are not confident about the game anyway. I just hope they can get their mess together and behave like a normal company, though the whole game industry is not quite well-disciplined.


Oh, even better yet then