Unable to join comp but got banned

I was searching for a match and it said joining game then it said to rejoin but I never loaded into the game and then I tried to click rejoin and it froze my game so I closed overwatch I opened it back up and lost sr and a 15 minute ban please give me back the sr I wrongly lost as I never joined the actual game I went from sadly 1979 sr to 1929


RIP. not much to do here, personally never happened to me.

I also get stuck in joining game purgatory and its been consistent for the last 3 days. Im now suffering an 8 hour ban when the game never connected me in the first place.

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Yupp same here. I just got an 8 hour ban. Ive lost over 150 SR because of this

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We had the same issue!

This is happening to many since the last patch and isn’t recognized as a bug yet that I can find. I’d wait it out past the bans until the next patch or OW resolves this.

I love how multiple people have now had this issue, but it’s still a one-off issue to them.

I feel this needs to be looked at soon!

And to be fair they should restore our lost sr due to that, if the issue is not with us why should we be losing out with our hard earned sr?