Unable to enter the game

Every time I click to start the game, the screen will turn black and return to the computer desktop, and I can’t enter the game or even the main interface.

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have the same problem.

various causes possible

I would start with the following points:

please check and report back here

I have the same problem, but with all of the other Blizzard games as well. I don’t use Razer & I’ve deleted those mentioned programs already. I’ve also tried resetting my in-game options, scanned & repaired, but all of those haven’t worked either. I’ve been trying to open overwatch right after turning on my pc with no other programs open & all I’ve gotten was a longer black screen & then returns to desktop.

EDIT: Fixed it, Nvidia came out with an update today so see if that helps you.

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Thank you for your reply! Has successfully solved my problem.

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