Unable to connect to Bnet North East US

its been a problem since 1am this morning, its an all day issue. but im heading to bed, hoprfully i wake up to being able to play some games. night all

I watched overwatch league and then right after I went to go play some comp hoping I could reach masters today (3370 if u were wondering) and I was met with my first issue, I was unable to talk in game, luckily I noticed this and me and my friend decided to play a qp game. That game was fine but still no voice chat, so I went into a custom game and that is when latency issues started arising.

i have a similar issue. I can’t connect to blizzard servers and when i do, i just get stuck on the loading screen. Already lost an endorsement level also an xp penalty because of this. ISP is verizon and living in boston area.

Same here. Boston suburbs, Verizon subscriber. It is definitely some kind of new NAT issue. Did some tests with my wife. Only one of us can log into Blizzard games at a time.

Same issues here. If I try to play solo or my wife plays solo, we can connect. If we group together, only one of us connects(usually me) and the other doesn’t. We live in the Boston area.

Having the same issue, could connect Saturday morning but then after 2:30 am it has been inability to load the game or log in to the battle net app. Northeast, Verizon, everything else works, etc - thanks for keeping us updated, can’t wait to get back to headshots n’ hamsters!

So is there going to be an announcement about this or anything? I’ve been trying to connect for the past day, got banned and lost 50sr yesterday because I was stuck on loading screen, and then finally connected to QM today, so thought Id try comp again. Instant disconnect, 30m ban, and an additional 50sr lost. Even if this isn’t BNet, its affecting the customers using it. and it deserves some acknowledgement in the game. We shouldn’t have to search through twitter and forums to find out its a known issue. Also in the greater boston area.


why cant jeff goldbloom and verizon just get this thing going WE ARE DYING TO GAME OVER HERE HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO

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oh boy don’t you love it when blizzard makes you add more random stuff in your reply in order to send it… JEFF OUR PROMETHEUS GIVE US OUR GAME BACK!

has this issue been fixed yet? Thankfully i didnt play comp but i still got a 10 game xp penalty.

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Still timing out on connection during login screen, could have just been the tech but Verizon is saying it’s an issue on blizzard’s end. Still need the LookingGlass report?

:Edit: Logging in at home as of 7:30EST, in and running. Cheers!

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ive been able to get in ffa all day managed to do one qp chat was still not working to well but the ffa deathmacth seems to be okay or custom games

I’m in RI and I can’t connect at all today. I was having the same problems yesterday but it started (barely) working after I restarted it like five times. Most of the matches I tried to join in, the afk bot would kick me out before it was even done loading.

Edit: As of 5PM my game seems to be fine so far. Playing some DM

I really hope this isn’t Verizon starting to throttle internet now that Net Neutrality is dead. I’m going to be so angry if they roll out a “premium gaming internet package” in a year or two.

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Northern NJ, Verizon Fios. Can connect to game but I’ve been getting crazy latency spikes (from ~40 MS to 600+ MS) and multiple disconnects this weekend only. Hope it’s resolved sometime today so I can at least get a few comp matches in without worrying about a suspension. :frowning:

Was also affected by this, since about 1AM on the 28th. I now have a shiny -75% xp for 10 matches for ‘leaving early’ when trying to figure out if it was fixed, since there has been so little news about this. Anyway this can be undone? Kinda lame to be punished because of an ISP issue.

game has been working for me now for about 2.5 hrs doing qps no problems boston area

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i had it spike again around 2pm… again another ban in competitive… and it seems like it only does it in competitive matches… i did 4 QP just to see if the servers were stable… nope… 1 hour ban -_- this is rediculous…

Anyone know if the problems are still happening? I (Boston area) just did a game against AI on ptr, and 2 rounds of quick play on the live game, without any trouble.

Of course, I did the same thing last night, tried a round of comp, and my ping shot up to 2000, and i’d prefer not to do that again since I got banned last time.

Yeah- I’ve got no idea either. I tried some quick play and had some success, but I’m scared to push my luck any further. Last time I got confident in Quick Play they hit me with the 75% xp reduction penalty for “leaving early” despite the fact that I couldn’t even get to the hero selection screen.

I think I’ll wait for them to give the all clear or something similar before I even think about jumping back into Comp or even being paranoid while trying to run Quick Play and risking punishment :sweat:

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