Umm... that was weird

XACPYV I didn’t know how to make it and made it just now, The leaving started in the 3rd round after 9 minutes or around 9:30, I was Baptiste

Edit: Then in my following 2 games, people were forced to disconnect in a similar way. The last game was only 2 people on my own team. the 2nd game was the majority of my team.

I’m also on ps4 and didn’t disconnect once while I was nuking people in mistery duel😏 (europe)

Yeah that is freaking weird. If this was a Competitive match, the game should have been called. Now I would note, the time from the first leaver to the time when Team 1 was completely vacated was under 2 minutes, so there might be a caveat to the match forfeiture rule I am not aware of. Until I can get any information on this, I don’t want to make a call if this was intended by the game or not.

Your match replay cut short before the match result was declared. Do you know what happened at the end?

The record says i won, but i think i just left the game because i we had another disconnect on our team making it 4 or 5v6 and I wanted to see if the leave button prompted anything, i don’t think it did. I’m not entirely sure what the end of that game was, just that this was my laast 3 games in a nut shell. It was indeed competitive. I’ve had enemy teams leave entirely and the match normally immediately ends, maybe thats why it shows a win in my record? Even though i probably left early?