Umm... that was weird

You could say you got…yeeted from the game :smirk:



Oh, I may have an explanation. All of the PlayStation Platform seems to be having issues…

On Playstation, North America.

20~ish minutes. I made the post right as it happened.

Yeah. Seems like that’s it.

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Yes i got disconnected 2 times, lost 100 points and suspended 30 minutes


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The starting penalty should be only 50 skill rating and a 15 minute suspension. Anything more suggests you tried to requeue for a new competitive game after the first disconnection. Please remember penalties cannot be reversed even in the case where there is mass disconnection issues like this:

They said they got disconnected two times. I imagine they got booted from two separate comp games, causing a loss of 50 sr both times.

Yep, I wanted to confirm that was the case. Granted if you are in the middle of a match and get booted do everything possible to reconnect, but once that match is done (or at least you suspect it to be over if you fail to reconnect), one should not immediately attempt to queue for a new match until at least checking for posted issues or running basic connection troubleshooting. My standing recommendation is to always play a few games of quick play before attempting to play Competitive again.

Yes, my last 3 games this is what happened: Playing on Console Overwatch the competitive mode is having people get kicked from the games repetitively. I’ve played 3 games in a row where both teams had 1 leaver, then each team went down to 1 player. I was even the only player left in the match in 1 game until everyone on both teams came back in.

You can tell something is bugged because when everyone left on the other team or got kicked, it didn’t immediately end. It continued until it got to 50% and the other team logged back in. This has happened similarly in the last 3 games i’ve played. A different amount of people being kicked each time.

It appears that competitive is broken right now for NA/PS4/East Coast

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I have reason to believe everyone in that game got booted. I was able to log back in very quickly but there was no option to rejoin. I think that enough players got booted for the game to shut down early.

The rules for an early Competitive match cancelation these days are if any one player fails to successfully deal damage or provide healing before they disconnect or get kicked for inactivity, the match will cancel. If all 12 players participate in the match after the first round has started (from the time the attacking spawn doors open), then the game will continue no matter what (unless all members of a team leaves, which then the match ends and the remaining team and all of its remaining members will receive the win).

Only in non-Competitive modes will a match collapse if more than 4 players leaves the game at once and is unable to backfill the match.

The game only continues unless the entire enemy team leaves. In my instance above, i was the only player left of the 12, and the game lobby didn’t concede the win to myself even though i was the only one left. My experience is detailed above.

I think this is what happened. All players on my team got booted, and caused the game to shut down.

Yeah I just edited that in. That is not the case of a match collapse, but a final result declared (but the post-game sequence will be skipped these days). The remaining team and any members still playing gets their appropriate SR adjustment.

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And this was a Competitive match? Got a replay code?

I got put in a BNet queue around that same time (OCE server) - I don’t know if it’s related, but I find the queues often occur when the server goes down.

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It happens all the time out in the OCE, everyone QPs a bunch before they go into comp to see if it is safe to do so.

Why is everyone leaving QP? like all the time even if they are winning? Ohhh one of THOSE server days huh?

No Comp for you today.

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XACPYV I didn’t know how to make it and made it just now, The leaving started in the 3rd round after 9 minutes or around 9:30, I was Baptiste

Edit: Then in my following 2 games, people were forced to disconnect in a similar way. The last game was only 2 people on my own team. the 2nd game was the majority of my team.

I’m also on ps4 and didn’t disconnect once while I was nuking people in mistery duel😏 (europe)

Yeah that is freaking weird. If this was a Competitive match, the game should have been called. Now I would note, the time from the first leaver to the time when Team 1 was completely vacated was under 2 minutes, so there might be a caveat to the match forfeiture rule I am not aware of. Until I can get any information on this, I don’t want to make a call if this was intended by the game or not.

Your match replay cut short before the match result was declared. Do you know what happened at the end?