Ukraine Player Icon, Palestine?

There are people suffering all around the world, yet we seem to pick and choose who we choose to support. This is not right.

What Russia is trying to do to Ukraine, has already happened to Palestine by Israel and is still ongoing.

Don’t pick and choose which people’s suffering is more important, this is not right.

I’m not trying to undermine what’s going on in Ukraine. I want all innocent people to be supported :pray:


May I suggest you look into the issue more? Obviously the Overwatch forums isn’t the place to argue these issues, but that’s one of the most complicated issues there is between two nations.


For the record, its not a matter of “pick and choose”.

That being said, I don’t want to discourage any conversation about this subject as long as you all keep it constructive and keep it related to Overwatch and Blizzard. I just want to set the facts straight.


Killing innocent children isn’t a complicated issue.

Thanks for the info :+1:


Never said it was. You’re post was very broad so I didn’t know what you were referring to exactly.

agree, Palestine deserves the same attention Ukraine is getting


Here we go.


Ukraine vs Russia is totally uncontroversial in the West, Israel and Palestine unfortunately isn’t.

Openly supporting Palestine means taking a stance against Israel and that’s not something a company can do without backlash. It’s too much of a hot political issue.


unfortunately you’re right, a lot of people are very anxious about speaking up about the palestine/israel conflict


People are nervous to speak against Israel because an angry mob will accuse you of being anti-semitic :confused:


I never will understand why people make the suffering of innocent into a political issue. These people don’t care about what’s morally right, they only care about their politics, like its some sort of game.


All countries has to allow us to use their flag. I don’t think us using their flag in Overwatch is their biggest concern atm

sadly you’re right, i’ve seen so many people getting a lot of abuse simply for posting their support for Palestine, it’s messed up how much hate people get simply because they don’t want people (including children) getting murdered :frowning:


Something tells me I won’t get much love on this thread but Palestine isn’t exactly innocent in this conflict and has lead to children’s deaths, same as Israel.

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Alas, even if you could separate money and politics from it, there still wouldn’t be a clear or easy solution to Israel and other messes in the Middle East such as Afghanistan.

Previous generations of Western nations screwed things up so badly with colonialism and how they divided countries and mixed enemy tribes together. Horrific as it is, doing nothing and letting the region sort itself out may well be the best thing the rest of the world can do now lest we continue to do further damage.


They’ve shown today that is 100% BS. Unless someone can provide evidence the Ukraine flag usage suddenly became legal very recently, they had in fact been choosing (at least in some cases).

politics begin

Being an Israeli player who probably knows far more on the conflict than majority of these forums, I am suddenly intrigued.

Ironically, Ukraine has asked Israel to help them, and currently Israel is middle-manning between Ukraine and Russia as well as Russia and the West.

Also - I serve in the army as an officer in the air forces, feel free to tell me more of this fun topic. And yes, I live near Gaza.

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Unusual perspective to have on the situation.

And please do expand upon the situation, you being an Army Officer does not necessarily mean you support these horrific acts. I hope.

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Okay place your bets. I’m calling this thread gets erased within 3 hours from now