Uh I have a question about the new color update on workshop

So what will happen to the old gamemode codes that have rules which include the outdated color Create Effect and Play Effect actions? I hope they will still work after the update comes on live

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Well what you could do to check it for yourself is what happened actually with the codes or game modes workshop rules you already have created on a previous version of the PTR where you using the mentioned effects if you remember, did they start right at hand on pressing start or did the UI Fields in the workshop editor changed, are there any errors? When it comes to live they become just updated, the codes in general have a lifetime of 6 months.

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Welp about that…I tried to copy one of my codes from live on the new ptr workshop update but I got an error before the gamemode could even load into the lobby.That’s why I’m asking this

Yeah unfortunate due that PTR and Live have different compiled builds and even the workshop system for both process in the same way codes from Live cant be used or imported on the PTR. There are some compiling and parsing options that prevents them from intelligable communicate with each other if you would say so, actually no back or forth porting is possible.

They should be fine - similar changes have been made in the past and no errors have occurred from it yet

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Importing settings from a previous version text file causes errors on PTR right now for at least the following expressions:

  • Create In-World Text

  • Create HUD Text

  • Create Effect

  • Create Beam Effect

  • Create Icon

  • Play Effect
    (any expression with colors, because of the new color format that uses “color (white)”, for example, instead of just “white”)

  • Allow Button

  • Disallow Button

  • Press Button

  • Start Holding Button

  • Stop Holding Button

  • Is Button Held
    (most expressions that include buttons, since the format changed from “Primary Fire”, for example, to “Button(Primary Fire)”)

This happens only when importing settings from a text file on PC. Importing settings via share code worked without problems for me.

The problem can be solved quite easily with a search and replace function in a text editor though.

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The code that gets copied/pasted is probably not how they store modes internally. Either that “binary form” is already compatible, or they’ll just update peoples modes. (I bet they store it internally as JSON objects)

If you copied the code into a text file you’ll need to update it by hand before you paste it back in. Shouldn’t be too difficult. Most of my workshop modes I do by hand anyway. Nearly impossible to do 400 lines of code with the editor.


The above comments here are correct. There are some complications with the added support of Button Values and Color Values. For anything loaded internally within the game (codes, presets, etc.) we can do the script fixups internally, so everything remains backwards compatible. So if you normally operate using the saved presets or codes, you should be good and won’t need to do anything!

Unfortunately, the copy-paste text system was not backwards compatible with this fixup. So if you normally paste in text files, you’ll have to do some manual fixups yourself (e.g. Red -> Color(Red), Interact -> Button(Interact)). While this isn’t great, we’re hoping that the added flexibility and options will be well worth the minor, one-time, inconvenience for our text-based users. Our goal is never to break stuff if we can help it. But for this case, we’re hoping it’s ok for the greater good of Workshop.


Thank you so much for the commitment. Very appreciated.