Twitch viewers: OW's is a rounding error of Apex'


Who did they pay?
I don’t think they even need to pay OW streamers, they will gladly play it themselves.
Fortnite is a different story as it is direct competitition. OW is not.


This viewers-counting obsession will bloom even stronger tomorrow, when Far Cry: New Dawn and Metro: Exodus will be released, and then later with Anthem (depending on how buggy the released version will be ^^).


What would you rather watch: GOATS/gimmick streams, or players enjoying a new game that is still fluid and hasn’t been solved?

When Overwatch was new, lots of viewers gravitated to it from League because the latter was too stale. Which is a shame, since today’s Overwatch is way staler than League.


If I as a Twitch viewer want to watch Tracer-play, I will go to either Kabaji’s or Dafran’s channels. If Dafran is streaming Apex Legends exclusively (which he is atm.), I will instead go to Kabaji’s stream.
Which means that I will just switch streamer, not game.

I believe a big chunk of the Overwatch audience is genuinely interested in Apex Legends as well.


Most of the big OW streamers get huge view counts regardless of whether they’re playing OW or something else, people are interested in it yes, but it doesn’t change the fact that if big streamers stream something other than OW that game gets their viewers instead of OW.


Seagull for example.
Yes, they do need to pay some streamers to play it for a few hours at key times. I dont think you know how this business works because you are still shifting the “importance” or reasons for views to games, thats not how it works mate.

The streamer is 85% or more the reason people watch his/her channel, not the game. Your claim of a game being “a rounding error” of the other just because of Twitch views is flawed, because you are attributing or using the views decreasing as a symptom of a “Dead game” and its not. Streamers didnt “leave” OW for its current state, they are simply jumping the wagon of popularity and new games (and or getting paid for the company itself to play it, mostly).


They can change game now and then, but if they for long play something the viewers are not interested in, they will lose viewers.


The game is three years old; streamers always rush to the new and popular games to bring in those views to get that sweet Dolla. Who’da thought?


Can you give me a source on your claim that Seagull is paid to stream Apex Legends?

AL seems very popular among the pro streamers.


Are you asking me if i have access to Seagull’s email and I can provide a copy with the invitation from EA/Origin and a possible NDA contract to play X hours per Y USD ?

No, i dont have it, nor do i need it.

All streamers work like that when they get to a certain level of popularity, Seagull is no different. But hey, you can choose to believe whatever you want, the truth still remains : Twitch views of a certain game are brutally, vastly and absolutely more determined by the Streamers playing it at the time rather than the current state of said game.


Overwatch just isn’t fun to watch… its really simple.


I’ll be so happy when OWL flops dead. Activision has said on the 12th that they are going to push OWL even further allocating even more resources than ever. Nobody should watch OWL.


I know, its like if people want to play and watch the newest mainstream game!

dont worry, give it a month and we are back on the 20k viewers again.


What will you say about AL when the next BR game comes out and its numbers drop?


Competition is a great thing. Expect Overwatch to become an even better game as a result of such a fantastic launch for Apex. I just foresee more skins, lore and events/updates to come for Overwatch. Nothing to be negative about at all.


The majority of famous Overwatch streamers are dps players and the class has fallen into irrelevancy since Brigitte was introduced.

No wonder people dropped the game for an actual shoot and kill experience instead of ’ whoever charges Ultimate first wins because nothing else dies fast enough by simply shooting them '.

They needed a reason to drop the game and took it just like that. I hope it’s not a simple break either because apparently, Blizzard needs to lose a lot in order to wake up.

Kudos to Tetris for beating Overwatch in views yesterday.


I am guessing you were watching Tetris?


You know you can actually just browse the main page, right ?

Then again, I would rather watch Tetris than the snorefest that is Goats meta. Sad that I missed the Tetris streams yesterday, but definitely not sad that I will be missing OWL streams.


Don’t take it too seriously, I was pulling your leg. If you don’t like OWL, that’s fine, but you don’t need to denigrate it in the process, others enjoy it.


A ton of Overwatch pros aren’t steaming due to the OWL.