Twitch Pink Mercy Prizes


I watched emongg all the day long and I did not receive anything. Do I have to watch an specific streamer during an specific time to get the icons and sprays?

Before anyone asks, I have my twitch account linked to my blizzard account.


Did it say

“Drops enabled” underneath his stream?
You should be getting them if so, however I initially thought it was one streamer per day with today’s being:

Hopefully this helped :slight_smile:

Going by this:


It did :frowning:


Blizzard tracks this internally. As such it is not updated immediately. I watched 6 hours the first two days and got my rewards by the 3rd day. So be patient.

As long as you are logged in with your twitch linked account to watch the stream when they are live, you will be fine.


Don’t you have to watch specific streams on specific days…??
I doubt those streamers would have 60k viewers otherwise.

Schedule is posted here:


Oh I see, thanks love


Same problem here. I’ve been watching since Day 1. I have watched between 12 and 20 hours of streamers so far and the only spray I have is the one you get for opening OW during the event.
And before anyone asks, my Twitch account is linked. I have received boatloads of OWL tokens in the past and “Drops enabled! Watch for a chance to earn loot.” is showing for me the whole time.


You should yes. I watched the first two streamers (and both were rather good to watch) and earned my time. The rewards were a bit later on but I did get them.


12-20 hours… Did you watch the streamers they had listed on the schedule posted above during those scheduled times?


You don’t need to watch a specific streamer on their day, any streamer on the list during the event will give the drops, I watched one streamer the entire time and got all of them and it wasn’t their day. Just check to make sure drops are enabled and your accounts are linked.


I have heard this as well, but couldn’t confirm it. Thanks.


Youko is right, I’ve just opened my twitch and they notified I received 2 items, I haven’t watched anything but emongg on the first day, since I already like his streams anyways.

Like DTMAce said, it just takes a little time.

Thanks everyone


Yes, I watched each day’s featured streamer, I even followed them. QueenE has been doing followup streams since her day.