Twitch connection option is gone?

When i go to my twitch that i use for twitch drops regarding overwatch to see if i’m actually connected isn’t there, i can literally only see steam, youtube, twitter, riot games and ubisoft but not anything related to blizzard.

Does anyone know why it is like this??


Nicole (blue post) mentioned they updated their system a while back with battlenet and you would need to relink your connections.

I found this out too through the Kiriko skin event.

Edit: Correction it came from Craig.

Yeah i heard that you had to re-link it but why is it gone from twitch?? Like the option isn’t even there anymore to be able to link anyway, but i think i can just go in to my profile settings on the website and link it there.

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I think it’s because it’s now only done through battlenet. You login in and go to connections you can link it through there.

Yeah i thought so so i connected it a little bit earlier just in case haha

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Same I tried to do it earlier too on my break.

Good to know. Thank you.

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