Twitch Beta 1 vs Beta 2 Strategy

Beta 1 was get TONS of people watching by giving the chance to gain beta access through drops after 4 hours of watchtime. This got popular streamers to stream Overwatch since the general public/players would tune in to their favourite streamers to start their watchtime counter OR just click on the first one that pops up on the Overwatch category which has the most viewers due to being popular.

Beta 2 will use the Brigitte skin to get popular streamers like XQC who get TONS of viewers on a regular basis to stream Overwatch AND get “tons” (if people do it) of gifted subs/money for the streamers while Overwatch in return gets tons of viewers at the start of the beta period. This then leads to the Overwatch viewership rising much higher than it currently is.

Which strategy is better?

To clarify both promotions had/have a limited list of streamers eligible to receive their respective rewards.

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And XQC is usually one of them each time. Unless he doesn’t get it this time to help the official OW streamers (streamers that stay whether there is content or not)

If people are just going to donate the three subs for the skin and leave the stream then wouldn’t the view numbers stay lower than last time? I’m not sure if the people who just want the skin would actually stick around to “watch”, especially if there’s no beta access drop.

People do watch XQC do literally anything though, so if he were to stream often just for the subs then the numbers would stay high I think.


Confirmed XQC is on the list of participating streamers so this:

and this:

Will both apply.

Three of the big streamers that I know of XQC, Asmongold, Ellohime are on the list.

Yeah I don’t really think this’ll improve view numbers or anything. Those big streamers probably get a lot of views by default. People will press donate and move on.

But since there’s the watchpoint pack I do think that maybe less people will get access to the beta so they’ll feel more inclined to watch these streamers. (this is assuming there won’t be beta access drops)

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No key. No dice, blizzard.

I believe they won’t do the 1st beta strategy again bc of what happened then .
From 1.5 M views to 1.5 - 10.5 k views in less than a week , everybody was laughing about it .

I guarantee that the “beta 2 strategy” won’t produce a noticable increase in the amount of viewers for overwatch

it’s almost as if blizzard PR don’t realise that most gamers don’t actually like streamers

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Welp looks like I’m gifting Jay3 some subs.