Turn Main Tanks into Off-Tanks for 3-2-1

Instead of turning off-tanks into main tanks, why not turn the current main tanks into off-tanks. Make them less utility based and more about damage.

And the best way to do it is nerfing shields a bit more. Let the shields be an individual thing for that one hero like Brig’s. With a short Cooldown or fast regeneration but with very low HP.

Or just stick with 222 as 132 is a horrible idea.


Why play a class-based shooter then? I mean, there are already plenty of straightforward fps games, why should Blizzard cater to people who would probably ultimately be happier playing COD anyway?


Or how about no 3-2-1 at all.


I think they should turn a tank slot into a limited flex slot. I say limited because a person playing in this slot would be able to choose a tank or damage hero. Not a 3rd support. This would kind of fall in line with OWL’s early days in 2018 before Goats took over where a lot of teams played 1-1-2-2 with the extra 1 being a flex, and they usually were a D’va at the time. It was more like an off-tank/flex role.

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No. 3 DPS already is a lot of DPS, so shields will be even more needed

How would you do it?
Seems like only Orisa and/or Sigma deserve that treatment…
How would you make Rein not have a barrier?

Given that off tanks are being reworked into DD if 1-3-2 happens, that would basically mean that the concept of off tanks would no longer exist and that any tanks remaining would be just (main) tanks.

Based off what Mr. Kaplan mentioned:

Now, if barriers are going to be reduced even further or are totally gone and everything else remains the same i.e. damage numbers are not reduced and healing numbers are not increased, then the Support players are just gonna be placed under so much stress trying to keep up as well as experiencing an increase in heckling by angry team mates.

Not to mention how the (few remaining TRUE) Tankers would feel having to relearn how to play a character whom they had been regularly playing.