Trying to get good with Widow


Im actually a gold when it comes to playing widow, i tried changing my scoped in sensitivity every month to see how it felt, but no matter what i do it seems like i just miss shot after shot, even though my aim can be REALLY GOOD when im in the zone, and super focused, with characters like tracer, soldier, mccree and even hanzo sometimes. Im mainly trying to get better with her cause she can carry games based of aim, and i do that with other characters, why cant i do it with her? What should i do?


OWL player Surefour just recently put out a very detailed and helpful video on improving with Widowmaker on his YouTube channel. Worth checking out imo.


Keep practicing. Deathmatch is a fun and freelance way to play Widow especially on Kings Row and Chateau Gilliard maps. Also, is your sensitivity low? Remember you can make more delicate adjustments if you make it so that you have to move your mouse farther. Finally your system performance can hinder your ability to take quick shots quickly. I maintain a guide in the technical support forum which can help with that:

Here is the video…


oh yeh btw its on console but still helpful.


Like high skill heroes, Widow requires a tremendous amount of playtime with practice and dedication. Don’t be hard on yourself. Just remember once you mastered a high skill hero, then you’ll be rewarded with it which applies to Widow. Good luck with your Widow my dude! I believe in you! :+1:


isnt console frame locked?

The widow gods you see are all playing 144 fps or higher


sometimes looks like the plat widow i find in every QP is killing everyone