Trying to find TRUE mains on forums

Hey, i’m glad i’m in this list.
I was pretty known for being the guy who started the Mei-gathread years ago, but since that i didn’t play a lot lately, people thought i disappeared.
I hope that i could come back to play someday


Necro 100

Except for when arguing with Mercy players during which Grey takes on a “better than thou” attitude and steps on everyone else’s opinion that doesn’t match the one GreyFalcon holds.

Not really. I just decided not to create a new list… (like forum gods posts) Got a bit lazy

Do I get to go on the DF Zen and Bastion lists?

I just wanted to mark you Seraph since you are the most iconic Mccre main that i know! :grin: And you are pretty active on the FOrum and OP needs a Cre main so. :grin:


Of course you can.
I actually forgot about this thread :zipper_mouth_face:

can i get put on for htis?

Pepesad, I’m not in Doomfist’s list.

yoyoyo- an adamant I’m crusader for symm’s benefit and won’t stop loving support symmetra till the day I die and drag all y’all to hell with me.
I guess you could call me a Symp

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These are hella outdated.

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genji, doomfist and tracer main(if you can put only 1, put genji)

Well I’m glad this got necro’d because I’d missed it before.

Tracer mains unite! :smiley: … Sadly, we’re a dying breed at this point. ;_;

Yesss, son. Those games are what I live for. :joy: (Well, that and trolling Widows. :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Torn between Ana, Widow and Tracer. My most played in that order

Pretty much a Torb main overall.

Torb is love, Torb is life.

There’s very few other ways to describe what it’s like to be a Torb main.

Also, I’m an ‘oldy’ I greatly miss my Torb 1.0. I miss my armor packs, and I miss my Level 3 Turret, and I miss my old style POTGs where I’m dead at the start and my Lvl 3 Turret is the Hero. It barely happens nowadays.

I usually necro this topic every few months so ty whoever did it :stuck_out_tongue: This is one of the great topics that deserve your bookmark

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Put me in as a rein main. 400 hours on this account, hit t500 twice primarily playing rein even when he wasn’t meta, over buff put me at #3 spot for rein back when I was more active in comp.

I think most Moira mains have given up trying to argue… I’d probably put myself on the list for Moira.

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wait I posted in this topic loooool

I deserve nothing


I was really given that l lmao


Hey guys I just included y’all, sorry for the waiting time

Oh, I don’t deserve friends, I left forums for 3 months or so. :frowning: