Truly outdone yourself Blizz

My launcher showed there will be an hour downtime today.
However, my friends did not have it.

:rofl: the only bobby you support with that is a kotick

My launcher says “Players may still experience unexpected errors but servers are starting to stabilize” When I click the alarm bell it says “No Notifications”

You shouldn’t be. Every multi-billion dollar corporation but Blizzard seems to be able to purchase and utilize the technology necessary to prevent DDOS.

So I only care about the game if I dont work or have a life and can follow all of the twitter and discords… got it

Check what? twitter?

Ok from what I’m gathering is, if you’ve launched your then you should have gotten the banner. If you’ve left it open you very likely wouldn’t have seen the maintenance announcement. Mine still only says

“Players may still experience unexpected errors, but servers are beginning to stabilize. Thank you for your patience.”

If you’ve been in game (like me) you definitely weren’t going to see anything.

same. Did not even put something in global. And the game before we had DCs, was finaly about to get placed. Absoltely great stuff blizzard. If you don’t want to get DDos’ed maybe you should try not being a garbage company.

Thats not the issue because I just restarted the launch app and still no notifications

Then this is about the standard of quality we can now expect from blizzard here on out. Yeesh, you’d think even when they were earning 400mill a year off OW1 they’d have some money under the couch to pay for a smoother launch.

Do we get penalized for DCing? im looking forward to be gold.

Yeah, it is what it is. Its just annoying because I only have a limited window where I can play and except for logging into an Asia server where my ping was to awful to play its night 2 where I can’t. Suppose that is a me problem though. Hopefully by the weekend its stabilized and working

Other people said they got the notification, discord’s been exploding with new entries and questions, I didn’t really have to go and check anything outside of my usual channels, I didn’t have to go look for it, and you can ask the question before just raging like every other emotionally charged person out there.

heck i literally just googled it and there’s info about it.

“is overwatch down right now?”

besides that, we all know it’s a very tumultuous time right now, and not expecting maint or downtime is kind of on you.

So much for that daily win or any progress on our battle pass :joy:

tbf it doesn’t say that in my launcher, it still shows the message that servers are stabilizing

Don’t care. This launch was absolute trash

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you miss the point. I sat in a queue for 40 minutes because my launcher didnt tell me it was down only then to tell me its down after 40 minutes. Sorry if I don’t go scower social or the internet before I click launch to see if a server is down… I expect the launcher to tell me that like literally every other mmo launcher in existence or at least tell me the minute I press play that the servers are down. So givin I sat here for 40 minutes staring at a queue because i had 0 indication servers were down i think my rage is justified

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just gonna repeat myself here

It is in the app. It’s that warning.

lol dude, cool. Its on me. Expecting a launcher to let me know that but it doesn’t and lets me sit in a queue (that is actively counting down) and gives 0 indication servers are down… totally on me. Cool… i guess whenever I play an MMO from now I should go to social and make sure the servers are up since I can’t rely on basic communication

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