Truly outdone yourself Blizz

This is a fantastic game experience. Nothing like waiting in queue for 40 minutes and then being told your disconnected. Day 2 of not being able to play… truly a great user experience.

Like, I can sympathize with ddos and all that but…
In the age of cloud and on demand server capacity why is there a queue on launch day to begin with when you knew there would be so many people logging to play. ffs


We did get a heads up on the server disconnection that almost nobody read. Servers are 100% down for an hour.


Here’s the heads up Alexa mentioned

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why not put that in the launch app. it still just says servers are stabilizing


I only saw it on another thread. :joy:

why not check before venting on the forums


I have been through enough botched Blizz launches… I should have trusted my gut and not got excited till next week lol


it does say it on the launcher…
like its right there with the alert symbol thing…
servers worked fine last night and this morning…

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Name one modern multiplayer game that had a smooth first day launch

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Yeah sorry maybe on yours but not mine.
And I work during the day so cant confirm that but they were not working for me last night

  1. Tons of people logging in all at once is something no server on earth can handle. Most games that are big like overwatch that has so many people playing all at once will cause problems hence the queue
  2. They are doing an update now to help make the queue that are up shorter and faster. Cause I do agree that it’s still too long after the DDOS attacks ended.
  3. Just be a little patient the OW team are probably just as upset as you are, they’ve been having to deal with bull crap for years and just want to make a good live service game

Does call of duty count? Jkjk xD

Its free bro, why do you complain

All of them except the first destiny

Verdict, I got Popcorn for you good sir. You are putting up with too much so here is some popcorn. I appreciate you.

Also… blizzard doesn’t communicate anything at all amirite??? lolol. /s

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Maintenance atm. Not sure thats your issue atm but it is whats happening as we speak.

I gave them $$ for the pack so yes its free but I supported them

Some people are saying they did get a notification on the app/launcher but I can’t confirm.

Also, extra butter please.

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I got updates here, twitter, and on all the discords I am in. It is safe to say- if they missed the announcement- they themselves didn’t care enough about the game to read. And I gotchu extrra butter ahhahaa.

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BRO now it just says “Sorry, we couldn’t log you in” immediately after launching from desktop. LOL Now Blizz won’t even let us stand in line to get in.