Trouble Hearing Ultimates After Recent Update


Ever since Brigitte came out, Ultimates have sometimes been quieter than usual. There could be a McCree right next to me, and I wouldn’t hear him ult, but the next time he does it and is next to me again, I would hear it. Any one else have this issue?

[MEGATHREAD] Can You Hear the Audio Issues? I Bet You Can! :mute:

It’s been an issue for a longer time now, since Christmas maybe? It only happens sometimes but it’s super annoying when it does and you die to a bomb that you never heard the voice line for.


It’s possible that this issue is related to larger audio cutoff issues happening in Overwatch right now, if you’re still encountering this problem could you post about it in this bug thread:


The problem still exists. Died so many times because of the bug…