TROLLS, LEAVERS, The penalties need to be HARDER

Ok, I read explanation of the penalty system and i DON’T believe that BLIZZ cannot know if the player LEFT or DISCONNECT.

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If they HIT , ESC and then use LEAVE GAME, they are using a BUTTON from your game, so YOU surely KNOW if they are LEAVING on PURPOSE.

From the last 15 games on COMP I have like 6-7 games with TROLLS and LEAVERS, now the % of games with people leaving is TOO HIGH.

So, for sure you could know if a player is disconnected or leaving, if you see lost packets with the client (leaver) you understand that he is having trouble, even people that have problems always try to reconnect. So you could put that kind of category on the system.

Is very unprofessional and easy in 2018 just to SAY: We could not know if a people is leaving or having disconnection issues.

I’m System Engineer myself so I understand kids can buy that response, but the older and smarter players not.

So AT LEAST, try to put a log on when a PLAYER HIT “LEAVE GAME” so you at least can punish them like 200SR and ban like 15 days.

COMP is not ENJOYABLE anymore. Overwatch is not only the PROs and the league they are semi pros players that want to reach high on COMP to reach PRO levels.

Even you can put a minimum hours of the heroes so people cannot use on COMP a HERO that he is never used before.

I think on the profile had to BE a RECORD for the DISCONNECTIONS and for the LEAVING PART. And a part then you see how many penalties a players have received.


First, don’t be a liar.

Don’t come to me saying you’re a system engineer and say that you can use software to detect if someone didn’t just pulled their Ethernet cable off.

If you started detecting leave game hits, people would just pull their cable. Same effect.

Second, posting with RANDOM WORDS ON CAPS it’s a one way ticket to not being read.

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LFG will help deal with them. It can’t come soon enough.

or they can implement a pause system when someone leaves for like 2 minutes before starting again. to prevent teams from abusing this it would only work once per team

Found the guy who is most certainly NOT a systems engineer.

Source: Software Developer

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Also a software technician and developer here. This guy is speaking out of his a$$.

Aside from the ease of getting around this, I genuinely don’t know how so many people are encountering this many leavers and trolls. I get, at best maybe one total a week, of I play more than 2 nights a week. This week was my worst, Friday I had a thrower on my team in two games, although one threw because the team was toxic. Yesterday I was in a game where the enemy team was unfortunate enough to have two throwers (I looked at their stats, at least one was clearly a booster throwing to get his SR low at the end of the season, whitch is why I play less at the end of a season) but that was like 1 in 12 or so games. Not every other one.

The fact is that they don’t. But they realise this and so in order to sound credible on the forums fudge the numbers a bit. This leads to increased number fudging when people want to feel victimised by the matchmaker and see number fudging so number fudge even harder. And before you know it people are claiming 35 game loss streaks (lol), throwers every other match (lol), and a variety of other hilarious things they tell themselves.

Let me fix this

If there was a mod rule of banning posts that are based off confirmation bias, there would be like 4 posts per week on this forums lol.

99% of the posts are basically “I had a bad day at the game, so everything sucks, every game is predefined and the matchmaking is trash”

It’s ironic that the people in competitive that are getting punished the hardest are actually the competitive ones.