Trickle down meta isn't real


Looks more like meta to me

Can we just call it “Winky Face Meta” now


Dva #1
Dva #1
Dva #1
Dva #2
Dva #2
Dva #1
Dva #1

B-but guys she’s totally balanced LUL


That is only because percentages haven’t had enough time to balance to where Sombra is actually being played at because the meta has only been around for about a week.


Now what about Copa Lucio ball?


I KNEW IT! Sombra is so Op and broken, now is confirmed that she needs every nerf people are asking for, i mean she is a must pick, meta change, and we can see that she is in every rank as the most pl… Wait what?


Not quite to moira and’s level but is top across the board quite consistently through all ranks.


Tracer doesn’t make an appearance until Diamond.

Funny to see D.Va is a top pick in every tier.


Uh-oh there you go again with facts and stuff…


A good video on trickle down balanance.
youtubeDOTcom/ watch?v=X1p42KtZOCw


I see that the Mei changes has helped /s

(please help her.)


Actually, she is. That’s why she’s used so often. There’s more to picking a hero than just “OP-ness” as you claim. Mobility is king on most maps, D.Va has that in spades. She provides a lot of utility and overall she’s fairly forgiving, thus her usage at lower tiers.


Oh great NOW we see why Ana isn’t getting any buff

Because people play her even if they don’t win

Lololol okay

Isn’t even top 10 in GM? Every other support is except the “high skill” support? Totally fine. =_=


Really interesting.

Funny how mc cree and Zen doesn’t come around until plat. No escape options and precision controls causes most in lower ranjkings to tap out using them.

Guess I was wrong about hog months ago, he’s still useful. Also surprised there aren’t more Orisa’s. But its hard to handle people up close to you with her compared to dva, rien, and road


YEAH JEFF, NOTICE HOW REAPER ISN’T IN ANY? srsly tho buff him plz, or at least give us a blue (orange?) post



all 26 heroes must be in top 10!!!

Classic, it doesn’t make any sense.


Is nice to see this back up what I am saying about how different heroes are used at different ranks.

Sure there are some ubiquitous heroes like Moira and DVa, but the DPS change significantly and there is some changes from Rein to Winston, and Zen rising up in heals.

I look forward to this post being made into an article to fill my FB feed in the morning. :grinning:


Any more news on Hanzo? Can we see his increased projectile speed on the PTR now so that us Hanzo mains can see what it’s like before the rest of the rework is ready?


Can’t tell if dva is broken or if no one likes main tanks so they pretend DM is sufficient


Gaming communities gravitate towards the easiest way to win, always. Fighting games, shooters, racing games, it doesn’t matter the genre. Most people will pick the best hero there is because everyone likes winning, and there’s not much of a reason to put yourself at a disadvantage.


Geoff just mentioned recently that there arent any news on Hanzo yet.