Treatment of mercy players borders on abuse

[Citation Required] 90% is a lot of threads. Hopefully, you have sufficient evidence :stuck_out_tongue:

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Being unfun to play and unfun to play against are two different (and importantly distinct) reasons. One only impacts a single player and they’re given to option to play a different hero. The other impacts everyone else and they do not have a choice to not play against them.

No but when something clearly is fundamentally flawed from day one with even the best players in the game saying so and still pressing on over a year even though its clearly not working its just dumb. Some things just don’t work and the mercy rework is one of them. Proof being that despite so many nerfs people are still hounded to play her.

Too bad I can’t. Also no issues other than entitlement and drama exaggeration.

My own experience. It’s not a provable statistic, obviously. The posts I’ve read overwhelmingly complain about how unfun she is. there are such posts in this very thread.

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This is a bit useful:


Pros think rez in all forms is bad for the game and should be removed. I don’t think you can use that to argue the point they prefer mass Rez or old mercy


And I don’t think you can use other people finding Resurrect unfun as a point.

I think you will be in a lot of trouble if people started asking you for citation on everything you say and have said in the forums. But that is just me. What do I know?

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However from the first time they announced rez on cooldown they were very outspoken about how they despised it. Even more so than mass rez. Which they still do to this day.


Duly noted. The stuff they are claiming is just grossly over-exaggerated.

There’s also GA that has never been touched and has been a main draw for me since launch.

Sure her heals were nerfed, but it’s not enough to make her unbearable, just a little bit more of a challenge, which is perfectly fine.

It’s of course an exaggeration but at the same time I don’t think it’s really that far off. It’s a common theme in almost every Mercy thread I see.

But you also know as well as I do that this is not a provable statistic since there’s no mechanism to search for and collect stats on the intentions of a thread filtered by threads about Mercy. Simply not something anyone can do.

Someone made this comparison earlier: if you got a new car and every month you had to get it fixed and no no matter how many times it gets fixed it still runs badly you would have to admit that maybe the car is broken.

AS you can clearly see, titanium is using logic and common sense to argue his point, he didnt call the devs liars or hurl abuse to anyone who didn’t agree with his points

HE explained and was nice about it. There is nothing nice about this thread. We read your opinion and replied with zero hate. It was you who started this outcry of abuse and arguementative behaviour. I said nothing offensive and neither did night hawk. You were the one who took offence and attacked us for having a different options and voicing it


Most likely if mercy stays must pick that’s the next thing on the nerf list. I’m glad you still enjoy mercy but me and a lot of other people find this as just another slap in the face by blizzard. Every nerf makes her more and more draining to play.
Its an unnecessary challenge to a problem that never existed before.

Then, as I said, stop playing her.


Or maybe get the devs to listen to the mass of people unhappy with the rework and constant nerfing.

Which won’t happen because the mass of people who disagree with mass Rez outweighs the mass who don’t enjoy her.

I agree stop playing her, if her pickrate goes down and stays down and her winrates decline they have to do something and if they don’t that’s when you can start rioting about them being ignorant to feeback

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Not even mass rez. Just people who hate the current state of mercy in general.