Translation/Captioning bug in new PTR Patch

One of Brigitte’s translations is wrong. I’m not sure if this is in the current patch, but I just noticed it in the PTR.

When Brigitte waves she has three different possible lines which translate to:
Tja! = 'Sup/Hey/Hi (informal version of “tjabba”)
Hej! = Hi/Hey!
Hej hej! = Hi/Hey! (More Friendly/Excited to see you)

In the PTR the caption at the bottom says:
Tja! = (Swedish) Hi!
Hej! = (Swedish) Hi!
Hej hej! = Hey hey!

What it should say is:
Tja! = (Swedish) Hi!
Hej! = (Swedish) Hi!
Hej hej! = (Swedish) Hi!
Tja! = (Swedish) Hey!
Hej! = (Swedish) Hi!
Hej hej! = (Swedish) Hello!

The point being these greetings/waves are all in Swedish, but the subtitles imply the last one is in English when it should say it’s in Swedish too.