Transferring skins from console

Hey all, this is meant to catch the eye of a developer hopefully. I have my ps4 account linked to my pc account. I want to tranfer all my skins from console. Ive paid like 30 or 40 dollars on league skins I’ve grinded to about level 1000 or 1100 and I have so many amazing skins that I just love. As soon as I switched to pc nothing and it sucks. I’d pay a large amount of money too. My tax return is coming in please make this a feature I would literally pay whatever price you asked blizzard.


Blizzard doesn’t care about console.

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I mean, to be fair, I don’t think they care about PC either, anymore.

“Don’t you guys have phones?”


Edit: OverWatch Mobile coming in 2020. Get hyped! Hahaha.


Same I want account bound rewards. I don’t play on my console anymore and Igot some exclusive skins on that : /

A few years from now it’ll be “don’t you guys have smart watches?”

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Activision does not want you to transfer content. They would rather you spend more money on lootboxes.

They don’t even let you transfer the Widow preorder skin and you can’t even buy that


“Console? OwO what’s that?”

Exactly i spent 20 dollars on the pacific and Atlantic tracer genji skins. Ill never see them again

Blizz has said in the past that they are unable to do this.

So no, it isn’t possible. Sorry

Waste of 40ish dollars on OWL skins and 20 dollars on pac atl skins

What Jeff said about the situation.

Source: Blizzcon sombra skin

That’s not a joke.

Allen Adham said as much:


Not possible, unfortunately.

I just want my account stuff to carry back and forth like other games do. I love switching between platforms