Tracer's nerf allows cheese strats


Tracer pulse bomb should of went from 450 down to 350 which is still over 20% decrease opposed to the 33% decrease she currently received.

Mean while junk rats are spamming 80-120 dmg left and right clicks while holding onto two mines that can do more burst dmg than tracer ults in similar time…with an ult that has a radius 3x that of pulse and damage 2x as strong as pulse…oh and it has more mobility than an ulting mercy.

Fun game Jeff.


they did this because of movement and hit boxes


That’s not exactly true. They did it because she was chunking down tanks quicker and easier than they wanted her to.


I mean she has one of the hardest ults to use and they decided to make it useless… why shouldn’t an ult be able to take down a tank?.. blizzard is real smart.


First season where tracer isn’t dominating: let the tears flow.


It was a change made for higher levels of play, where a good tracer was pretty much unstoppable for multiple seasons. As far as the ways they could’ve toned her back, it was one of the more reasonable avenues they could’ve taken.

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – April 18, 2018:


How much health does bastion have after bomb?


IIRC, an unbuffed Bastion ends up with around 65 hp.

Napkin math that might not be perfect but is meant to account for Ironclad and armor:
300 HP - [(300*.8) - 5] = 65 HP remaining.

Obviously this can vary a bit if Bastion is buffed, and you can quickly find yourself missing a kill confirm if he immediately receives healing after the bomb detonates.


it wasnt 450, it did 400 damage. really i’m fine with the pulse nerf, but they could’ve done some fixes for it, like making it so it doesn’t just pop out of existence even if its stuck to someone and you get stunned afterwards. absolutely ridiculous that a risky and skillbased ultimate can just get completely deleted by random stuns in my opinion.


Tracer just needs to either clip him first then bomb or bomb and clip to finish.
They’re so used to sticking the bomb and rewinding out of existence they just got to stick around a second longer. Blink out to avoid blast of course


“Risky and skill based”

Blink, Blink, Q, Recall

I agree it’s stupid that it just randomly disappears… but c’mon man, Valk is a riskier ult than Tracer’s.

Anyways, back to the OP, you just need to actually shoot him a little first. God forbid that Bastion isn’t a guaranteed free kill for almost everyone anymore.


Some burst heals kinda negate that approach in a lot of situations. The best thing your team can do is just realize that some coordinated burst wipes him out. There’s really no reason a Tracer should have to dive in alone to take him out. I think players just got a bit too comfortable with that being a possibility.

At the end of the day, it’s still a Bastion that is one of the most flawed characters in the game. Without his entire team dedicating to reinforce his position in something like a pirate ship comp, he’s just not that hard to deal with if you can get your team to coordinate a little bit.


I will agree that hitting a fast moving target such as Genji or another tracer, with a pulse bomb is tough. But hitting a tank or a stationary turret form Bastion is not hard to use.


She has the highest mobilty in the game and the fastest charging ult.

Hitting a tank or sentried bastion is not hard.


As the game changes, we want to complain that a hero that once countered someone, no longer does. Bastion still has plenty of counters, and the Tracer nerf invites better team play to deal with a Bastion rather than the standard - farm pulse bomb - kill, that’s it.

Which - IMO hasn’t been affected as much as you think. Let’s do some basic maths.

Bastion is stationary target and pretty big.
Tracer does 3-12 dmg per ‘shot’ (one shot from both guns)
She has 40 ammo per gun so let’s assume you get 0 headshots and get the minimum 3 damage.

3 x 40 = 120
Pulsebomb = 300

You should be able to easily pulse bomb a bastion, empty a clip and recall

Junkrat still makes Bastion an easy kill, other decent heroes against this comp are DVA, Sombra, and with good positioning Zen / Widow / Ana

Why you may not be able to as easily take out the Bastion now, Tracer is still just as good as ever at taking out other easy heroes.


Have you tried shooting the bastion as well as bombing it? Stack the damage, dont rely on one ability. Use your recall at the end so you dont die or eat the death and regroup with the team


He has 30(it might be less) health if not being healed


How does that work? If pulse is 300 and ironclad is a 20% reduction, and he has 300 HP, that automatically leaves 60, even without accounting for armor.

I feel stupid, what is it I’m missing?

Edit: If he’s in Recon, then only the armor would count. That would leave him at 5 HP, I believe.


explain how an ultimate where you have the literal highest mobility in the game for 15 seconds and encourages you to be as far up in the sky as you possibly can is riskier and more skillbased an an ult that 1: is close range and STILL difficult to hit even at its best range 2: you have to get up close to people as a 150 hp hero 3: also has you using most of your cooldowns to land more often than not 4: unlike valk, doesn’t have nearly guaranteed impact.
Valkyrie isn’t able to get bubbled, matrixed, blocked by barrier, and can preform its job as a 15 second mercy invulnerability button + AoE heals/attack increase every time as long as you dont turn off your brain. tracer ult can get bubbled, matrixed, blocked by barries, tracer can get 1 shotted and it will disappear, tracer can get stunned and it will disappear, and its impact is equal to that of a widowmaker head shot for much more effort than a widow headshot. go play the game a bit more and try to actually think about what goes into a play before arguing balance and ruining the game for everyone with your terrible “support heroes need to be able to do everything” mindset.


Oh no, Tracer can’t completely walk all over an F-tier hero anymore.

Blizzard this is PREPOSTEROUS.