Tracer 'was' balanced a year ago or so


But almost every patch/rework/nerf/buff since then of other heroes made her just beyond broken without actually touching her.

Is she is blizz measure of balance - something went horribly wrong at some point


Tracer is not a problem in plat. She’s taken advantage of only by the top of the top players in the game. She has gotten back to back to back counters in the form of Moira, the buff to Sombra and soon Brigitte. This meme is boring now.


Maybe the highend of the ladder playing tracer got better at tracer ( since she didn’t get any changes in 2 years ) and then lower ranked players also got better at tracer with all the information on how to play her.

It’s maybe not balance related but maybe player related ?
She maybe wasn’t a threat before because she wasn’t completely mastered ???

Never crossed your mind maybe ? The meme is indeed boring now.


She is problem when it’s not complete trash playing her. Its rarer in plat, but it happens enough.


You’re saying smurfs are a problem with this, not that Tracer is.


Okay, why don’t you give us every instance of buffs/patches/reworks/nerfs that have increased Tracers power level. It’s your thread, the onus is on you to actually prove this here, and so far you haven’t, all you’ve done is whine.


It’s funny.
Last year were Mei, Reinhardt and Tracer seen as the most balanced heroes in the game.

Now are they a mess.

  • Reinhardt has bugs.
  • Mei has bugs and is underperforming.
  • Tracer is seen as OP because mobility is strong in Overwatch.

What happened?


Let’s not forget the Mei buffs.

Freeze (slow) duration increased from 1 second to 1.5 seconds
Weapon alternate fire ammo cost reduced from 25 to 20. (More chances to land those dank one shot head shots.)


They wont nerf her as long as shes part of every single OWL match. Shes too “exciting” for the esport.


Or because she doesn’t need a nerf.


What do you want us to say ? You just hate tracer because of “reasons” ?
Or you just don’t like esports ?

Tracer hasn’t change with overwatch league. You should do a reality check.