Tracer shouldn’t be able to one clip a 200 hp hero


well i got bored looking at old posts, people mostly complained about bastion not tracer btw. someone linked a early tournament where two bastions and two mercy players destroyed the other team.

Here’s the first page for old forums for general
https:// us.battle. net/forums/en/overwatch/22813879/?page=10000


If is not one thing is another, it wouldn’t make sense that we all just “complain” about one hero in particular and not anyone else. It’s really easy to just dismiss the opinions of hundreds and hundreds of people and tell them that they are not good enough, but it doesn’t really make sense, how does the saying goes, “if theres smoke theres fire” something like that i don’t know, my point is, there is too much debate about just one single hero that arguments like the one you used is not relevant, sure you can try to argue something else, like i said, if its not one thing is the other, i’ve seen so many arguments that it’s even funny seeing people come up with so many things.


It took me literally a minute to find this kind of post:

May 24, 2016

I’m not surprised they let broken heroes stay broken. Tracer’s still on a rampage too.

That is from the very beginning of the game, the very first page, and is talking about how Tracer has been OP even before the game released, and people complaining about balance.


silver dva/mercy main complaining about tracer in a rank where no one can even hold a mouse OMEGALUL


Thing is, sometimes there isn’t a fire. I see no logical reasoning for Tracer being OP. The smoke could just as easily be associated with her skill gap and her overall annoyance.

You’d be amazed how many people have no idea what they’re talking about. Every character has nerf and buff threads at one point. Every single one. I think Tracer is just the most annoying while being extremely popular right now.

If you call out a Tracer, she has to leave. She simply can’t sustain focus fire. So of course she’s powerful if you just let her into your backlines.

Sorry, I just don’t see it. At all.


Pick rates for 95% of the players. Tracer sure does look extremely OP for all the casual folk (and I’m not even sure people at diamond skill could be called “casual”).


Are you aware of the accuracy requirements to one clip a hero? It’s not easy. Despite what you may think, go watch some of the higher ranked tracer streamers. It’s not all that common to just casually one clip a hero unless it’s something like a surprise spawn camp and they are walking in a straight line with their guard down.


And sometimes there is, and there are lots of things pointing in that direction in this case.

Also a lot of people do know what they are talking about. And no, not every hero has a nerf thread, and the fact that Tracer is the one who has by far the most in the whole roster says a lot.

That’s ok, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.


Tracer doesn’t need high accuracy to be OP though. What makes her so good is her mobility. She’s able to close the gap to do massive damage and get out before anyone can punish her. Tracer doesn’t need to have the insanely high damage she has. Her mobility is already enough to enable her.


To be totally fair…sometimes you do simply get one clipped.


Everyone always brings up the one meta where Tracer wasn’t basically the top dps pick. Tracer has been not meta as many times as several heroes have been meta.


Or how about you… Call out the Tracer in your back line to your team? :man_shrugging:t3:


boi most tracers are trash on console diamond so I can’t imagine what they’re like in silver.

maybe don’t tunnel vision and you might actually reach gold instead of making excuses.


because is not fun and have no counter play?

they said the same about roadhog


This. They think they can take on a team 1v6 in Platinum and feed ult charge in return by recalling and instead of backing away, just blindly running into the team again.


Tracer has always been a strong pick at the higher levels of play. Even saw her during triple tank. It’s true that she doesn’t see much play in the lower tiers but that’s because players down there struggle to manage her mobility.


Well if we are ignore skill in this argument, lets nerf Widowmaker. Why can she just 1 shot you from all the way across the map? At least Tracer has to be close to you to one clip you.


yeah i dont see that post when i skimmed threw it
this is the first complaint i’ve seen so far second page first post complaining about bastion like i said.
https:// us.battle. net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20744334244


Yeah, but some opinions are better than others. Your opinion seems to be based on anecdotal evidence and group think. This is a very weak opinion from where I stand.

Honestly, I don’t understand having strong opinions on balance, ever. Unless you have access to data across all levels, any one opinion is useless. When you combine that with the fact that most people form opinions based on emotion, and really have no idea what they’re talking about, it gets pretty hard to take seriously.

I’m a huge football fan. If you listen to the group think regarding a football players overall effectiveness, you’re almost assuredly wrong. Games like football and Overwatch have so many variables that it truly requires mastery to even begin to understand.

So I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I have zero reason to believe you’re right. If you’re going to make noise about this, I’d suggest finding a more convincing argument.

If you show me 100 clips of Tracers tearing you up, I bet I can find 95 of them with serious mistakes. And I’m not even that great.


the point of a flanker is to flank and take out the key targets while the main dps deal with the tanks/ dps, also mcree and soldier can kill 200hp heroes just as fast should we nerf them too?