Tracer One Clippper

You are not anymore stunned in the air. The stunt is for 0,6 seconds. And you can avoid the slam stunt just jumping and been in the air.

Dude at that point you have been onecliped and back to respawn. You are watching a GOD zen with a trash tracer. That zen will see Doom coming and oneshooting doom in the air fully charged and bye doom. BTW that happens very oftten to lot of pros.

You were never stunned in the air. The animation lock is .6 now, so you’re free to air strafe.

And this is just false. they didn’t change anything about that.

I mained Zen during dive, so no. It’s very much possible

When you posted on a Tracer thread.

Perfectly one clipping someone that isn’t Zen is much harder to do than ANY of Doom’s one-shots lmao not even a comparison.

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Right now you lost control for 3 seconds in the air.

You are missing there were two nerfs, not only one. You should check.

Your zen should be amazing then dude, what can I say. From 90% of my fights with zens as tracer, if he didn’t get help, he was death 90% of the times. And as tracer is way more difficult to catch, even if you missed you have a second or third chance you have not with doom.

I know the nerfs. ones distance/damage, which doesn’t matter cause shotgun to the face. The other was the targets animation lock.

Neither will allow you to jump when doomfist slams and not be affected. I don’t know who you’re trying to fool here.

If Brig and Ana are not allowed to combo Tracer, then Tracer shouldn’t be allowed to oneclip squishies.

No, They nerfed him twice. In two rounds. You are missing the second one.

I’m not a god Zen and have done that multiple times… it is literally one of the things you have to practice as a Zen player if you want to survive in solo queue lmao.

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They didn’t.

The only other thing that’s been done to doomfist recently aside from shotgun drop off was something they didn’t even release to the public. They were discussing taking away doomfist’s ability to jump cancel during a rocket punch. Which was something he could do. He could jump at the end of rocket punch’s animation and use the momentum to carry him further than rocket punch could on it’s own.

Either you’re lying, or you have no clue what you’re talking about.

She’s always been able to do that hasn’t she? Why are you acting so surprised almost 3 years on? If you’re standing still and she one clips you, too bad. If you’re moving and fighting back and she one clips you, show me video evidence it happens to you more than 5 times a week and then we’ll talk.

Last post I write for you as much as you needed 3 posts to know there where 2 nerfs for doomfist and you are continuisly arguing without making at least a search. So this is pointless.

I leave you the second nerf so you at least can argue next time with the right information. I’m tyred of nonsense:

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And she also has 150 health and dies when she gets sneezed on.

I’m still wondering how these Tracers are managing to one clip people all the time, but can’t avoid a 6m range combo? A 6m range combo is going to stop a God tier smurf Tracer from one clipping your squishies? :thinking:

Iunno, I don’t think it’s the shield combo that makes it hard for Tracer. Really it’s only the bad Tracers that get caught in that, or they just walk into a corner peaker and get combod.

Still combo helps, and it’s kind of amazing how few either can’t do it properly or do it even when they shouldn’t like against 200hp + heroes and end up launching them away from their range with whip shot.


Lol, wait wait. Your proof of people being able to jump to avoid being affected by slam

is a second change… to meteor strike?

Lol alright sure.


And this is the truth of it all. high elo tracers were doing just fine. They knew not to engage Brigitte in a 1v1 and played like every other hero does with a soft counter on the field.

yes, sure, bad doomfist, bad doomfist. Good tracer, good girl! Omg this guy

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Yeah. Sometimes I will get caught in shield bash, accept my fate… and then the whip shot either doesn’t come or the Brig player outright misses. And I just blink away. And these are often Masters players flubbing the closest thing to a gimme combo in the game. I won’t pretend that I only ever get caught because of third personning because I am not a god Tracer but I definitely dodge more bashes than I get hit by.

It’s the armor. It always was the armor. There are literally no good targets when everyone has armor that takes you a full, decent clip to get rid of (usually a bit more because lol movement) before you can actually start inflicting damage on their base HP pool. Not when I can just pick Hanzo and chunk it all off in one hit from a safe distance.

And one clipping is not exactly common, and in tankier comps and such the healers tend to stay far closer to the tanks than usual. So typically that repair pack can come in and save while you’re reloading after your first clip. The healers aren’t so isolated and solo for an easy 1v1 forced engagement. Then the call out has been made so Dva then 180s and comes storming after you and you just gotta get out of dodge at that point. Burn recall and you’re having to wait out 10 seconds basically before you can show your face again.

So yeah, you swap off the Tracer. That’s even if you can avoid the bash combo the entire game. A good Brig will whip shot finish you at times too, just cuz a team mate chipped you down enough. Bash not necessary. You’re better off playing a more burst orientated hero and trying to break the deathball up.

So… I dunno. It seems so many people thought the shield bash combo was the one thing Brig had that kept Tracer in check and that is totally not my experience at all. I feel sorry for all the 200 HP heroes like Reaper, McCree, etc, and tanks ofc, that I shield bash on then just park on and flail. If Reaper doesn’t have wraith he’s done. McCree is easy af kill. Just heh… It was a bit much no lie.

Yeah. In a brawl I’m definitely going to go for the juicy backline picks that can’t escape or defend themselves even if they see me coming on Brig. Once I get that second flail hit before the stun it’s over for Zen and Ana because there is absolutely nothing they can do about it if I’m shield flickering so I don’t get headshot/slept and mitigate some of the movement penalty as well. Flexing on Tracer is nice but she is passively countered by my existence after fight 1. That’s my experience as the Brig player in GOATS anyway. I never got the chance to really get mileage out of third personning, so rip to that I guess. I mean I can still do it but it won’t really accomplish much.

I play Tracer a bit on my main account and on an account I have in mid plat to play with friends. On both I have mostly seen the yolo FRONTLINE ONLY I AM TANK Brigittes in my games so usually I do not even notice they exist until they press Q. And even that is enough to justify me swapping even if I was doing well in the fights prior. The Brigittes that actually look back at their other healer and peel, rare as they are, are the ones that give me issues from the drop, and not even because of Bash but because the other healer will suddenly be at full in the middle of a duel and I kind of just have to run away before I have half the team chasing me down. Even if I was hitting every one clip that only works for so many fights before the HP pools make it so that’s literally impossible now.

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