Tracer, never banned in heroe pools

dude, the f, this just confirm she is the favourite of the team game.

You could say the same for Törb, Junkrat, Zenyatta and many other characters…

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There would be a character … but there is a reason


she is literally the face of the game

Shes not been a stand out dps for about 2 years now. All the others who get banned actually do damage these days. They do a minimum of 140 damage on their m1. Tracers water pistols dont really work the way the game gets played now. She gets insta killed constantly with all the damage and spam in game…

Tracers damage can get easily healed while she is dealing damage wheras its a lot harder to heal through all the burst damage that has taken over.

Look at every character that has been reworked they all deal massive damage with m1 or abilitys. Tracer has no abilitys that deal damage, the only thing she has is an ultimate which has always been one of the harder ults to use that she needs to put her self into danger for. Her recall is at its most useless right now.


Tracer just got banned in the new pool.

Took them awhile though but yes, she’s prob the favourite since she still hadn’t been nerfed properly.

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do you actually think tracer needs nerfs?



Alongside Widow/McCree, who are the most problematic heroes. Tracer always been a problem till now.

The ones that used to counter her, Brig, is pretty much gutted. Moira soft-counter her at most.

Aside from that, not many heroes can contest Tracer aside from another Tracer.

??? what? you’ve got to be trolling.
brig is miles better than tracer right now.


Yea, I also got to assume you’re trolling too since tracer is still an issue that hasn’t been addressed (And even got an unnecessary buff too.).

Brig been nerfed to the point that she’s no longer the consistent counter.

this is why low ranked players don’t decide balance changes folks


In fact I’m not sure there’s ever been a point in time where Brigitte was not a million times better than Tracer, from Brig release until now.

Tracer still kind of sucks, frankly. High effort, low reward.

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The top players also complained about Tracer.

But then again, I suppose you’re the few top players that took advantage of a strong hero and played it to the top.

However, as a top player, I’m also baffled that even top 500 like yours truly couldn’t see the issue and that Tracer is still a problem. Saying that brig is an issue to Tracer now, when she had been nerfed that she’s no longer the counter that she used to be, is ignorance.

But then again, the hero pool bans themselves tell the story enough.

It’s based on pick rate in high level games.

With the new changes, some heroes will never be banned.

You know what ignorance is? It’s thinking that Brigitte still doesn’t hard counter Tracer. If you think being able to delete any non-tank up close, or being basically invulnerable behind ~1000 effective personal hp, was what made her hard counter Tracer then you have never understood what makes her counter Tracer.

Brigitte doesn’t kill Tracer. She doesn’t 1v1 her. No one does. Tracer still wins every 1v1 that isn’t Widowmaker. What Brigitte does is reduce Tracer’s already very questionable value (she does low damage, at short range, with no CC or durability) to almost nothing. Brigitte’s aura (only gotten stronger) means that every target for Tracer is receiving healing, usually meaning she has to reload, at which point her DPS goes from “ok” to completely awful. Her active healing is basically a faster, stronger Mercy heal that you can’t get rid of, making her peel against Tracer better than any healer in the game (remember it stacks with the aura). She herself still takes an extra 2-3 more reloads to kill than regular squishies, so unlike most healer peel Tracer can’t just focus her down because opponents with half a brain can always peel for Brigitte in time. Never mind that Brigitte’s ultimate basically Thanos snaps Tracer out of existence for a good 10-20 seconds.

That’s soft countering.

A Tracer still possess the initiative and strength to burst down a target even with brig effective healing/pack. Made easier as well with her increase range now. Even that 75 armor can still be chewed through.

If Brig actually counters Tracer, she’ll be on the hero pool ban list as well just as Tracer is but she ain’t. Brig capability to actually hard counter a Tracer is long gone ever since the tons of nerf and rework to her.

Tracer is still a busted hero because the only nerf she received was her pulse bomb, which got changed to 350 damage, got her effective range increase and her blinks smoothen out.

You actually think Tracer is busted. Wow. I retract everything I said. There’s no point presenting information to you.

Yea, can’t believe others still can’t see it.

wait for Nori next ban, will be tracer! why you should be mercy!