Tracer NEEDS A Nerf - Change My Mind


That would only make sense if high level players including professional players were not also complaining about Tracer, even streamers (high level) are complaining about her. Also, if it were just emotional responses it wouldn’t be hundreds and hundreds of people through out already two years saying that she is broken. This argument doesn’t actually hold very well.


You’re just bad at the game. Change my mind.


Tracer being OP is far from a consensus at high levels, sure she’s OP when some of the best players in the world are on her but that’s how infinite skill cap heroes are supposed to work. Overwatch forums are 90% emotional responses, how many rational debates do you see?


I’ve been in a lot of Tracer debates and there is a bit of everything, some might be but not all, making a generalization is a bit naive. There are lots of rational debates about why tracer is OP that is, if you don’t just assume that everyone is an emotional responses automatically just because they talk about her, as you seem to believe.


It’s also naive to assume that a belief is fact just because a large group of people think the same thing.

Overall in competitive overwatch Tracer has the 16th highest win rate and 12th highest pick rate. At GM she is picked much more often but still only has the 13th best win rate. To me it looks as though she is balanced fairly well throughout the ladder and the only time she’d stomp lower ranks is if there was a large skill gap between players (which does happen but that’s more of a matchmaking issue).


There is no debate. She is not OP until at least masters. If you are a pro on here, yes good luck she is OP. If not, just stop whining already.


Then i guess this is not a fact, it is a belief, like you said.

The numbers don’t tell the whole story, those are just statistical data which is useful yes but is far from evidence or proof of anything, if we took the numbers that are provided by those sites by heart, then we would come to the conclusion that the game is very unbalanced, because that is what the numbers say, but in reality things are different. Statistical data shows tendencies and can be interpreted in a number of ways but is never used as definitive evidence or proof. I mean if you want to believe that the numbers are the only thing that matters you are free to believe that.


Since pick rates can be influenced by a number of things such as the preference of people towards specific heroes, how fun heroes are perceived, ease of use, efficiency, etc. then pick rates are not reliable as a single definitive proof of anything. OW is a complicated game and statistical data cannot be taken as factual, even Blizzard has said so. That information is useful but is not definitive, a lot of the balance changes that Blizzard has made have had nothing to do with numbers or what they supposedly tell or indicate.


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So I can’t use personal experience, generalizations, or statistical data to make an argument? I’ve seen you attempt to discredit my evidence but you haven’t provided a single shred of your own. I tried a logical argument with you but you’ve just wasted my time. Please provide me with a single counterpoint other than ‘Tracer is OP because a lot of people say she is’.


Never said your personal experience wasn’t allowed. Generalizations are bad in general, that is just common sense, and my argument on statistical data is just challenging your argument which is not an attempt to discredit yours, you seem to be taking personal something that is not.

I also used a logical argument to challenge yours, i’m having a discussion here. As for Tracer herself, honestly, i’ve been debating her all over the forums for a long time so i don’t really feel like doing it right now, and even less since you seem to be taking it personal so, anything i say will probably be pointless anyway, for now i will just leave i’m tired i need some sleep lol.


You realize that she’s the only hero to never get nerfed and she will likely never get a nerf. You really enjoy debating about her that much when the evidence shows she isn’t even good until masters?


i hate tracer :- ( everytime im really close to getting a seizure when i try to track her blinks and other epileptic tricks


Why would anyone want to change mind of a whiny forumer that plays Tracer’s counters and still fails miserably?


Hahaha, ‘I could counter your arguments but I just don’t wanna’, that didn’t even hold up in grade school. I may not take Overwatch balance personally but it does irk me when someone tries to debate without a leg to stand on. At the end of the day none of this matters anyway, Blizzard isn’t going to nerf Tracer.



she doesnt need nerf,
because blizz balance other heroes arround her … shabang* mind changed


Its really not that hard to kill her imo


Tracer isn’t OP below Diamond…


Lol yes right, Tracer/Genji players are all smurfs since Day 1. So smart. :joy: