Tracer is straight in China

Yeah but not fighting for something and then pretending you are fighting for something makes you “woke”.


I don’t really get the whole woke thing, as much as it’s just repeating whatever is PR hip at the time. I can’t say for sure what they’re doing on the matter, but I still insist not fighting isn’t the same as supporting.

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there are posibilities that blizzard self censured needlessly in that one case it would not be homophobic… but i have to assume that they had cause which means china must hold some bias against it…

Russia does for example… they are very homophobic

logically the really shouldnt be against it… but logic has Little to do with much of what the comunist party does…

There is a lot of logic in the decisions from the authoritarian “Communist” Party of China. It is meant to enforce the kinds of hierarchies that put people into social roles, and social roles enforce authoritarian ideals (because obedience to an authority is a hierarchy).

Basically by keeping LGBT people socially below other people, China gets people to put the government above them. This is something that is happening in America too, and it’s super common.

Anyway, China is a super conservative country and fights progressive change because it threatens the power structure that is in place. Just like America, relatively speaking.


“ding”, that was the drop of your solcial points.

Making bussiness with a country that has “social points” is like doing bussiness with the facist germany at 1940.

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Also in Russia btw.

And most Arabic countries.

You could make quite a list actually.

I thought this was common knowledge by now.


well there is synical self serving logic too it…

But there is no logical reason centered on benefiting the society itself… only benefiting those in charge.

Same thing with falun gong… they just banned it because the guy that lead that whole movment was getting to popular and they cant have any threatening movments that may challenge them

I mean i can almost accept Tibet being occupied since its chinas water tap… and if they dont hold Tibet india could take it… and then can just shut down china when they like… so that at least is a concern for the general population… it however does not morally justify the ocupation and its attempt to displace the local population with chinese… its understandable… but repugnant…

But more evil comparatble to an Earth quake… since the problem boils down to geography

Do we actually know if China would have banned anything OW related is Tracer was explicitly lesbian tho?

When it comes to Russia, the worst that would probably happen is the Anthology comic getting branded 16+ and therefore making even less sales.

It’s likely the same would’ve happened in China. Blizzard decided not to bother.

It’s nothing new. It happens all over the place.

That doesn’t mean “Tracer is straight lul”, it means Blizzard didn’t explicitly state she’s gay.

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Yeah, there’s no competent moral argument in favor of China’s actions, but that’s obvious. The logic to their actions is the important thing to look into because it can reveal their motives and the social systems they rely on.

its got nothing to do with the company though I think
some countries just ban homosexuality which is just sad


Interesting how Russia has the exact same scenario, and everyone’s known that for years, and we’ve all acknowledged it’s entirely due to Russia’s homophobe peoblem.

But then someone finds out it’s the same in China, and now all of a sudden it’s a case of “bLiZzArD hAs No MoRaLs!!!111!!!1!1”

Always entertaining to see how biased and selective these forums can be.


Russia banned the comic on release, or rather it was never allowed to be released in their country.

Is there a source for that? Because the sources I have state it was Blizzard that decided not to release it.

Russia lets in gay stuff if it’s labeled accordingly. Like I said, Blizzard probably didn’t want to bother with changing the ratings of their comic. OW is 12+. A gay comic would have been 16\18+.

They didn’t translate it to Russian either since they also have anti gay policies

Blizzard is only “progressive” when it’s good for business




The difference is Blizzard put Russia on blast front and center with their Russia blocked this comic page so they could get some good boy brownie points.

Meanwhile they don’t want to make their handlers look bad so they just silently omitted the page for China.

Of course! Most companies don’t care about LGBT anything. They just want your money because they know most will fall for anything with a pride rainbow like a sucker and they do and they make the dough.

“They support us! They love us!” Yeah ok lol They “pretend” to care in most cases. Money is all that matters. Shet if I could make millions of dollars by saying “Gay rights?” and making a hero be lgbt, and yet find a way to do it to still keep my money maker? Anyone would do it…


Any source on that claim since it is the first time mentioned?

I know only about the comic being banned in Russia.

Since when does this forum being Re-labeled to Politics & General Discussion?


This is some 10 IQ stuff right here. Do you think companies can just ignore laws and regulations of other countries? Like they aren’t applied to them? China is far from the only place where a game company has had to change things to fit into laws. You know pokemon was censored for the US right?

Move on, the trend is dead.