Tracer is straight in China

Who cares? 20charssss

Oh boy this argument again. It is virtually impossible to get a computer that doesn’t have a significant amount of it made in China. I require a computer to be able to do my job. Even if I didn’t directly use a computer basically every job in America is going to have a computer involved somewhere down the line.

Despite all this I still go through any length I can to limit how much of my money goes into China’s hands.

My choice is benefit from computers or live below the poverty line and be unable to support myself or my family. Blizzard’s choice is bow to China or… make slightly less record profits. Not that that is working out too well for them with how much Blizzcon is shaping up to be an unmitigated disaster. I hope it was worth it for them.

so let me get this right. because Tracer doesn’t visit Emily it means that she’s straight? what kind of leap in logic is that?

just because someone’s preference isn’t stated doesn’t mean anything, all it means is that it’s left up to the fans playing to decide what they want it to be.

Also it has been shown in this thread that China got the Emily comic, with a link and pics

Yet more lies.

The linked thread proves this thread is just bait.

You are missing the point, Blizzard has as much choice in this as you do in finding a computer or virtually the majority products available to you made on state-owned slave labor that ultimately benefits a regime of military enforced might over its people.

Blizzard is owned by a another company that is making the decisions that affect their bottom line. That company - like the many companies around the world - has its finances directly connected with a company (actually several), from this same country empowered by its regime.

You want to blame Blizzard.

You’re pointing the finger at the wrong place.

You want to claim a moral high ground.

You actually have none.

The linked thread doesn’t prove anything. China does not in fact have a page explaining why there is no comic the same way they did for Russia, because that would make China look bad like how they did for Russia.

They just got rid of it and pretended it never happened.

Ah, hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Google “Trump SCOTUS LGBTQ”.

If you’re going to compare communist china’s government to the US, I’m sorry but we just don’t live in the same world

“It’s not as bad here, therefor it does not exist”


Only reason Soldier and Tracer are gay is because of marketing strategies. Watch another hero be made gay now after the massive backlash they have received lately.

Mei, obviously

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Of course we live in the same world. I’m just paying attention.

This is all a big misunderstanding. Tracer didn’t know that Mei had a p3nis this whole time.

THANK YOU! These people annoy me so much. What do they think a company like Blizzard can do to authoritarian China? Let me give you an example…

Blizzard: Makes comic that is considered fine in the west
China: Alters comic themselves or bans it
Blizzard: “Eh we tried”

Like what do they expect? What is published in China or Russia or the Middle East or WHEREVER ELSE can be altered or banned by those in authority in those countries. What is so hard to understand?


So whenever Tracer visits China, she becomes straight? Is she really not into Chinese girls that much?

Computers are important…
Do I need to tell you how important profit is to a capitalist company?
If you expect Blizzard to make a huge sacrifice and break US profit mandate law in order to make a civil rights gesture, people should expect of you to similarly not do any business with any company that uses cheap labor. Good luck with that one.

Publishing a comic in China with depictions of homosexuality in it is pointless if it will be censored. Think pragmatically here; stop being a reactionary idealist. Think about the causes of these problems and point your anger at them instead of a company whose hands are tied.


respect for china if true