Toxicity/Trolling Has Not Gone Down


Now that endorsements have been out for a while I was curious what other people were experiencing in their own games? Trolling, griefing, and just general rude behavior is back to occurring every single match again for me. Endorsements worked for like, a day, then people realized it didnt matter and stopped caring. I have seen people without endorsement ratings because they are consistently that rude.


Yes endorsements worked for a while but somehow ppl stopped seeing positive things about it … a lot of ppl do not care anymore again.


I’ve found that people have been a bit more friendly, especially toward the enemy team, with the chance to get a sportsmanship endorsement. The problem with endorsements right now is that they are not available in all game modes. Even FFA deathmatch should allow you to endorse people for sportsmanship.

Losing endorsement levels also feels a bit arbitrary. I recently lost an endorsement level because I left a QP lobby just after the score screen ended and the new round countdown started, and I don’t feel like that was deserved since I left my team plenty of time to get a new match.

The bottom line is that the system is at its heart a great idea, it just needs a bit more work to really shine.


Sniper meta > endorsements


Honestly? It has gotten loads better for me, so…


The key is to be painfully kind to people.


Literally hasn’t changed for me, not for better or worse, and it never was very bad to begin with


I’d say EU is still pretty toxic, certainly compared to NA. Interesting thing to note is that I don’t recall any stats ever being released for EU in regards to ‘toxicity reduction’.


I have yet to see toxicity return to my games. It’s been very, very nice.


According to Jeff it has, though this certainly hasn’t been my experience. As far as I can tell it’s been the same as it always has.


I think it needs SOMETHING to survive, getting gold stars is nice and all, but it’s better if those gold stars make an actual impact and get you a tangible reward, too.

I dislike that the endorsements decay, because I have long gaps of time where I cannot play and I lose a lot of my endorsement rank for just… Not being around? Which doesn’t seem right to me. A lot of what I love about OW is that anyone can come up to the game and play at the same level as anyone else, EG no one is rewarded for time spent in game like other leveling up kind of games. The fact that I have to be constantly playing to ‘maintain’ an endorsement level says that my time is more important than my actual attitude.

It’d be neat if you could like, turn your endorsement rank into gold somehow. Or maybe you earn gold based on your endorsement rank every week, like, on Fridays they give everyone with level 1 15 gold, and everyone at rank 2 30 gold, and so on. Something to kind of incentive maintaining a good attitude, but not so strong or unfair that people can’t get it without playing the social game too.


Games are generally speaking much less toxic. Still get the occasional toxic person, but I just report and move on. I play on EU as well which is notoriously toxic and lacking data from Jeff’s earlier post about the decrease toxicity.


They don’t technically do anything. Yes the giver gets a small exp pop. But then what? NOTHING!