Total Mayhem Question

I’ve gotta ask…is this mode just randomly tossed in as a daily once every week or two, or is it a set schedule? I hardly care for the base game, but I ADORE the insanity that Total Mayhem brings. I’d just love to know if I have to hop on every night at 7pm (when the daily modes change for me) to check, only to be disappointed that its another random CTF or DM mixture…or if there’s a day that they’ve dedicated to Total Mayhem.

Also, as is, its been about 9 weeks straight since TM was the weekly, which seems insane to me, and hardly fair. But I suppose Blizzard has their reasons.


I recommend bookmarking and checking this thread, these forum posters take the time to edit the starting post each day to show which modes are available to play:

Jeff Kaplan commented on Total Mayhem earlier this year:

I believe it’s on a scheduled rotation and should appear every X days/weeks, where X is however many modes are in the rotation.

I think the schedule occasionally gets borked when a patch releases, though, and also when an event starts/ends with a unique mode (e.g. Lucioball) included.

Oof. Ten days in a row now without TM as a game mode. The only reason I really bother playing anymore and I halfway think they’ve removed it.

I track the mode on a daily basis and as far as I can tell there is literally no pattern to it. Sometimes it just swaps between low grav and 1v1 for 5 days straight. Sometimes I see CTF three times in a week and then it’s gone for 2 months.

Woo. Going on two straight weeks now without Total Mayhem being even a one-off daily mode. I’m finding it harder and harder to believe this is random at all, and rather someone higher up just choosing other modes by preference. :c