Total Mayhem Missing!

There seems to be an issue with Total Mayhem not ever showing in the arcade when there is a special and for some reason I cannot understand why its in the arcade when there is a tab for it Comp map, But when a Comp map is in the Arcade Total Mayhem never shows up, Why is that? And why is the Comp Map not in the Comp Tab ? I don’t mean to be critical I really appreciate everything the Tech Team does without a doubt! Thank you for you hard work.


The modes like Total Mayhem are just on a rotation.

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I appreciate the response Nicole, but I have to question the rotation when it has been 11 days since Total Mayhem appeared, and in that time there have been 16 Death Matches (not including the consistent Competitive Death Match).

Is there a way to know what Total Mayhem’s rotation is, and when we can expect it to be back?

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Just to add some specifics to my post, since the last time Total Mayhem appeared (Oct. 19), all Deathmatch modes have appeared at least twice, and half appeared more than that:

Mystery Deathmatch: 2
Petra Deathmatch: 2
Mirrored Deathmatch: 2
Chateau Deathmatch: 3
8 Player FFA Deathmatch: 2
Team Deathmatch: 5

Thanks for any feedback!

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Modes like Total Mayhem typically doesn’t show up during seasonal events when there is multiple cards for special brawls being used. It will most likely start appearing again sometime after the end of the Halloween Event.

While I wish Total Mayhem had a bit more weight in the rotation, especially considering how many different types of Deathmatches seem to be prioritized over it, I certainly appreciate your response and I’m looking forward to Total Mayhem’s triumphant return :smile: Thanks WyomingMyst!

Yep, unfortunately Total Mayhem is a bit… “controversal” with both the community and the development team. See Game Director’s Jeff Kaplan’s comments about the mode here:

Thanks so much for sharing that! I have seen lots of posts / tweets that seemed to indicate Total Mayhem was very hit and miss with players (I love it, but I understand there are players who feel very strongly in the other direction), but I didn’t realize Jeff Kaplan had such strong feelings on it as well.

While we Total Mayhem fans wait for it to return to the Arcade rotation, I’ll take Jeff’s advice and check out Custom Games :upside_down_face: Thanks again!

I enjoy Total Mayhem greatly. It’s actually the only reason that me and my wife still log on. For the past 12 days, we have just been getting on at 5:00pm PST to check and then we get off again.