Toronto Defiant vs. Boston Uprising - NOW LIVE

June Joust • Week 1


LP: 4 (4-1 +4)
LP: 1(1-3 -7)



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I’m 0-2 on my picks today. Hopefully I’ll actually getting a win since I picked Boston Uprising to get the upset lol

I think everyone except for Atlanta and Paris fans are 0-2 on their picks today… I would not worry about it.


Sad part is that I’m a big time Atlanta fan and I still had them losing 3-2 lol

I am bamboozled by todays results so far
guess this meta has shook some teams up

Honestly, I wouldn’t blame every tank player from boycotting the games right now.

Toronto wins this, easy.

Quoting this for the record.

Sorry if you don’t notice me as active here…currently bracing for a huge amount of folks (myself included) to get forum vacations after the…poor behavior…some of us chose to display in regards to voicing displeasure for the coming changes to OW2.

As for the match at hand, I had Toronto winning this 3-0…but after seeing Houston and Washington get BOOMED, I am no longer counting ANYTHING out.

Can someone please confirm if 4:19 on Numbani is a map record?

Not a top 5… their time was 3 minutes, 41 seconds. Fastest is 3:07.

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Seems like OBSBrigitte rage quits alot tonight :stuck_out_tongue:

TBH, I’m surprised we haven’t seen the Defiant coach rage-quit yet.

Speaking of, Boston is 1 map away from getting a badly needed win!


Ilios (Control): Boston Uprising 2, Toronto Defiant 0

Numbani (Hybrid): Boston Uprising 3, Toronto Defiant 2

MATCH SCORE: Boston Uprising 2, Toronto Defiant 0

NEXT UP: Second half of Defiant vs. Uprising. The Boston Uprising are on MATCH POINT!

RIP my pick’ems.

So sad.

:musical_note: I am lost in the woods…north is south, day is night…when June is here… :musical_note:


Ilios (Control): Boston Uprising 2, Toronto Defiant 0.

Numbani (Hybrid): Boston Uprising 3, Toronto Defiant 2.

Rialto (Escort): Boston Uprising 4, Toronto Defiant 3.

FINAL SCORE: Boston Uprising 3, Toronto Defiant 0


That’s it for now. Matches resume with the final day of Week 1 APAC matches at 2am PDT (5am EDT). Until then, get some sleep! We’ll see you tomorrow!