Toronto Defiant vs. Atlanta Reign - FINAL

May Melee • Week 1


Toronto Defiant
Atlanta Reign
LP: 1 (1-0 +2)
LP: 0 (0-1 -2)

Final Map


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I think this will be Atlanta Reign 3-2 over the Toronto Defiant.

I hope this will be better than last match.

Atlanta 3-1

I am trying to understand the relevance of playing Mcree in these comps.

His ult is near useless. If he gets a pick it’s mere luck against double barrier.


He’s good at throwing flashbang over the top of Rein’s shield to still stun Rein and bring down the shield.

He’s used for FB and IMO he has good peck damage with his fast fire rate.

I think I understand.

It seems it is good in this “rush comp” style with Lucio speed boost. Flashbang can be very disruptive against squishies that they rush.

Just like they said, rush comp has its weakness. They can’t do anything against good high ground fire.

Kai is just destroying on McClick, er I mean McCree right now.

Edit: Just saw a ult and the McCree fhashed the Rein to bring down the shield and he died to the ult.

Edit 2: Looks like Mei is the hero choice to counter McCree’s ult too. She can wall him off.

well there goes my prediction

Deadeye quickly charges to where it will destroy barriers within the first one or two targets, which then any remaining targets in the LOS will be easily defeated. This is why Deadeye can still be a very effective zoning tool to establish control over an objective or choke.

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I’m sure the forums are going to be complaining about three things this week: the differences between ladder play and OWL, how the heck Bastion was used excessively this past weekend, and why spawn camping should be illegal (especially in light of what just happened on Blizzard World).


Nepal (Control): Atlanta Reign 2, Toronto Defiant 0

Blizzard World (Hybrid): Atlanta Reign 3, Toronto Defiant 2

MATCH SCORE: Atlanta Reign 2, Toronto Defiant 0

NEXT UP: HALFTIME, followed by the second half of Defiant vs. Reign. The Atlanta Reign are on MATCH POINT!

Spawn camping is fun for some players. They may never fix it.

If they did want to fix spawn camping they may want to put in a 20 yard red zone in front of spawn that amplifies damage taken.

If you guys think the spawn camping here is out of control, tune into Korea contenders some time.

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Well at least Toronto Defiant has answered the question to the Spawncamping issue.

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Dva’s defense matrix eats tire?

THAT… should not be allowed. :neutral_face:

D.Va dealt the final blow to the tire. Whenever an ultimate that can be eaten by DM is destroyed, the kill credit will replace D.Va’s portrait with the DM ability icon.

Defense Matrix can only eat projectiles, non NPEs like Tire, Turret, or Accretion.

So tire got shot then…feels right.
When I saw Dva get credit I saw her DM up when tire was near.

Defense matrix should only stop projectiles. Tire is a different animal…

It does not. Tire is a construct or a playable person, kind alike bob only it can be controlled.

Which is why Tire is a “so so” ult.

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It can also ear Junkrat’s mine, which I don’t believe is considered a projectile. It’s kinda in it’s own strange world. DM however can not eat trap. It’s all weird.

Hey Wyoming, do you personally think it’s weird how both mei ult and Bap immortality are thrown projectiles that hover in place and have an aoe, yet one has a health-bar and can’t be eaten by dm while the other is the opposite? (A basic thrown projectile)

You would think after all the new heroes snowball would operate like BOB rather than a projectile. Neat to think about.

Like I said, DM can also eat Junkrat’s mine but NOT his trap. I think Mei’s ult and Bapt’s lamp are considered the same type of projectile as Junk’s mine. Trap however is considered a construct.

Torb’s and Symm’s turrets are also constructs.