Torbjörn Rework | Coming Soon


So, just be clear, this damage increase only applies to the armor parts of the character’s health bar, right? If D.Va has already taken 200 damage, that means the rest of her health is just normal health, so she’ll be taking the regular 130?


I feel like people are ignoring how much damage that is if the Torb can use it at the right time.


i think…based on ticks, she would take 380, but i am not sure


A GOATs and Brigitte counter in one pack, nice.


That ult is going to be ridiculous on certain maps. Paired with Hammond’s mines… phew.


i mean, right now, it seems like KOTH will be the mode to use him in


Overload is a boosted Storm Arrow, omg please no.


but remember, most of the time, there is more than one way in


Imagine the spawn traps now.


How long do the pools of lava stay active? Is it something ‘quick’ like hanzo dragon or are we talking ‘forever’ like Wrecking Ball mines?


I don’t want to hear a word from you, you ruined Symm, Sombra AND Mercy and now we are proceeding with torb. Wow. Bye.


Boi! The Ultimate looks so cool!


my guess is for maybe 10 seconds or so


So it looks like they buffed the “Torb” instead of buffing the Turret.
Which is exactly what I was hoping for :slight_smile:

Now lets just hope the Pharah changes don’t kill her.


I wanted a gunslinger engineer type play style for torb, and thats exactly what i got. Thanks blizzard!


on second thought

instead of disliking these changes

I really, really, really dislike them

yeah, another botched rework - the pattern continues


You got rid of shield generator and now armor packs, why?


Bring back mercy 1.0


Ruined? What game have you been playing? Symm is actually stronger if you are skilled with her right clicks, sombra is way way way stronger, and mercy was OP beyond reason before.


THE FLOOR IS LAVA! :star_struck: