Torbjörn Rework | Coming Soon


Damage, once calculated, hits right to left. I think what he means by “two pools” is that armor damage doesn’t get applied in a fixed value, meaning that if you have 131 HP and 1 armor you don’t get hit with 190 DMG and pop.

You get hit with 130, and, because you have armor, your damage is up to 190 DPS for a very short time, until 1 armor is burned off, the continue to be burned at 130 DPS.


:eyes: We’re in this together, Lapis.


I feel like the armor pack with import with torb and ill be sad to see it go but could torb have 25 armor add to his health


no, thats not how he described it

which is why I have asked for a clarifying example or three


Not sure if anyone has asked yet, but is the console turret nerf still in place in this rework or are you guys gonna undo that?


Dev notes are out and they did actually reduce the critbox on Torb a little - by 10%

its not enough, but hey, its a start


yeah but if we are going to talk OP lets look at Road Hog who has the most health in the game and can self heal or Tracer who can deal lots of damage and negate damage as well


ptr live boyz
20 char


I like the changes to primary fire and turret. HATE the removal of armor packs, this makes Torb more of a DPS and not support at all :cry:


Hey Blizzard,

The rework looks cool. If this iteration of the rework doesn’t go well would you consider these changes.

  • When torb’s turret is alive, allow him to target people people like discord orb with the same button used to throw the turret
  • (For console at least) To reward good turret positioning what if the turret can ramp up in damage lets say to a max 25 (or even 30) per round over the course of 10 secs
    Again thanks for the changes. I used to be a die hard Torb main and hit GM with him but I find that the biggest problem playing him at higher ranks is the inability to allow his turret to focus anyone, turret build time (which yall fixed), and projectile speed (which you guys also switched). I think the discord option would give more power to the player.

Thank you


It’s official:

5 second cooldown when deployed
10 second cooldown when destroyed in combat
No longer able to deploy a new turret if it’s in combat
While the turret is firing
If the turret has taken damage within three seconds


he was never a Support


Is it me, or can i not “Enter the game” on Ptr? What’s going on?


Would be great if his melee was changed to the hammer.


i mean they could just break it while its forming


So I guess his hammer is just gone then?


Is it still not up??


new hero confirmed bois, looks like a tank, could be a large support tho

you not sneaky blizzard, we know your tricks


I just played with the new torb on the ptr and i have a few concerns.

  1. His turret is completely vulnerable to being massacred before it finishes building. I’ve played a couple games where no matter how many turrets i put down none of them got a chance to fire. I feel like either decreasing the build time and/or letting it fire at a lvl 1 rate as it’s building would help out a lot with that. If you don’t have a shield (which a lot of the times, surprisingly, you don’t) the turret is dead before it can do anything

  2. Molten core doesn’t seem to last long enough to do any real damage. Throw it in a choke and the enemy either waits the 5 seconds (possible exaggeration, i haven’t timed it but it feels that short) it takes to disappear or just goes around it. Maybe make it more like WB’s mines, have it stay out longer but it can be removed by the enemy team somehow.

That’s just my opinion of course, and i haven’t played any “real” games to get any “real” data, but this is just how i feel after my experience with him so far.


I love that my firewall suggestion has been implemented :