Torbjorn needs BUFFS, NOT NERFS


Hey, just going to point this out that instead of nerfing the damage of his Rivet Gun as your top priority, why not actually fix or buff Torbjorn as a character?

I mean, he has dead zones on his secondary fire, but I presume that wasn’t as high priority as the damage output each pellet gives. The secondary fire is literally in the shape of a star and will have a chance of missing hitboxes at times.

And I guess fixing Torbjorn’s Overload timer isn’t as high of a priority either. Ever since the beginning of his rework, people have been complaining that the start-up wasting a second of the timer isn’t a good thing.

But no, no, instead, let’s just make Torbjorn do less damage per shot instead. That totally won’t make people feel the least bit disappointed.


torbjorn is really strong he doesn’t need any buffs.


The buffs I mentioned aren’t even too significant. It’s fixing stuff in this game that he shouldn’t be having an issue with.

Torbjorn shouldn’t have 5 cone-shaped dead zones on his alternate fire, nor should he have 1 second of his transformation consumed while he isn’t able to act out of it. That’s just poor design and they need to be prioritized first before nerfing him, if he even needs a nerf at all.

Besides, a better nerf to him wouldn’t be to nerf his secondary fire damage output, it should’ve been to his turret’s detection range instead.


A lot of people are still under the impression that Torb is a throw pick due to his history. He’s actually pretty devastating on ladder right now though. He’s no longer niche and is dominating across a lot of tiers. If anything this nerf wasn’t enough.