Torbjörn rework

So is the new change for Torbjorn having 2 charges for turrets but the health and damage of the turrets being reduced by 40% buff or a nerf. As fellow Overwatch players, what are the rest of your opinions on this change? I prefer Torbjorn before this change, so I would consider this a nerf on Torbjorn as a hero. Although this is just my opinion, I’d love to hear more from all of you as most of you are apart of the Overwatch community.

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Double the number of turrets, but MORE THAN halved the damage output? Sounds like Blizzard math.

Yeah, that’s a straight nerf.

That’s before you even factor in that most of the roster could already destroy them in the time before they finish deploying and can one clip them even once fully deployed. Turrets were trash before, so the change is just malicious trolling by people that should not be listened to.

Its a buff IMO,

He has 2 turrets that do 60% of what they used to for a total of 120% Damage and heal net total.

Time will tell if they will be too frail though.


Mathematically, it’s a buff .
damaging flankers like genji sombra tracer from 2 angles is huge .
I don’t like the change at all , with this it’s like the turrets are the main hero not Torb .
The hammer repair is not needed now .
It has a lot of bugs and problems , u can’t see the turrets HP , u can repair only one of the 2 turrets,
and now u can continuously deploy turrets , u can’t see how many turrets are deployed .

This change is the MOST fun I’ve had in Overwatch so far. PLEASE LET IT STAY I LOVE IT SO MUCH <3

This change is why I am going to uninstall Overwatch.

Maybe this would be fun in OW2 PVE mode, but it takes soo damned long to clear out the nests and advance, and with effectively double the recharge time he just slaps down 1-2 more when you do kill one of them.

This killed Overwatch.

I have another idea for Torbjorn rework, change the health of turret to 200hp + 150hp for each attacker in enemy’s team. And change the damage of turret to 4 + n(n+1)/2 which n is the number of attacker in enemy’s team. But it need other change in order to make it reasonable. For example, Reinhardt and Mercy can make a tank space and healer space free for any hero so that 1-4-1 formation could be chosen if they are in team.