Torb/Bastion are coming back on 10/25


Junk never left.

Or is that a Bastion slurr? :rofl:

Lol just me not thinking that much about it.

That said, I always did think of Bastion as “Wall-E with PTSD”.

So here it says they will come back on the 22nd. I assume this is a typo maybe?

Probably. Since I doubt the wanna be doing patches on a Saturday.

Also what happened to torb lmao

Yup they just fixed it lol, they will indeed come back on the 25th

Team is so dog that these characters have been in OW2 less than than they haven’t

Absolute idiots

Wait havent torb and bastion always been in junkertown. I kid i kid

what is the 25th month?

We use month first then the day in America, and maybe a few other places too.